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Towards sustainable economic systems – key methods and tools, lessons learnt and future outlooks (ToFu)

Project objectives

The project aims to gather and consolidate knowledge obtained through both previous and on-going projects and case studies focusing on sustainable and regenerative economic systems. In addition, sustainability clinic concept is tested in small and medium sized companies.

The project is organized in four tasks:

  •  Methods and tools assessment: Review the methods and tools used to assess sustainability of economic systems in science, and compare methods used in SYKE and more widely in Finland in general to these
  •  Lessons learnt from previous cases: To map the cases in SYKE and more general in Finland studying sustainable economic systems and assess the experiences from those
  •  Sustainability clinic trials: To test the feasibility of sustainability assessments in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs)
  •  Synthesis and proposals for future work: To synthetize the data and results, make comparisons and make proposals for future research projects

For more information

Senior researcher Riina Antikainen, Finnish Environment Institute, Consumption and Production Centre, Tel: +358 400 148 671, firstname.surname@ymparisto.fi
Published 2013-09-20 at 14:10, updated 2020-07-07 at 9:49

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