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Water and green economy

Background and need

Green economy means economy that takes the welfare of the ecosystem into account. This is one, but not the only definition of green economy.The objective has been considered to be sustainable consumption of natural resources and energy including resource efficiency and reduction of waste and emissions. In green economy operational precondition in economy will change and this gives new opportunities for business. Economical and environmental aspects are emphasized, but social aspects cannot be neglected.

In green economy one objective is to increase social justice for decreasing poverty, maintaining employment and keeping responsible sharing of property. Especially internationally social aspects relate fundamentally to water issues. On the other hand when calculating for example water footprint, Finland has a role in global water issues. These challenges have to be recognized. Finland has a good knowledge in water issues, so it has good opportunities to enhance water aspects in green economy also globally. The change towards green economy will not happen automatically but it needs investments and supporting policy.

The purpose of this project is to make a study about what water means in green economy. The study clarifies what could be Finland’s role in water and green economy both nationally and internationally. The issues to be considered are
How water and green economy –theme is considered in international discussion
National issue: How water and green economy –theme should be considered in Finland

  • What are the essential challenges in agriculture, industry, communities, energy production, municipalities, watersheds and between these fields of operation. What are essential business possibilities according to green economy considering also recreational use. What issues need investments and development of services.
  • What kind of policy methods could be developed to take green economy into account in water issues

The objectives

The overall objective of this project is to assess the sustainable use of water resources and to find issues that have an effect on other operations in the community. The objects of this study are especially the sufficiency of the water resources, interaction of different forms of use, energy efficiency, sludge treatment and reuse and life cycles and economy of water treatment plants. The perspective is both national and international. Then the water-energy-food –connection and the quantity and quality of water in different forms of use are emphasized.

Water and green economy in Finland -workshop

A workshop on this theme was organized in September 2013. Additionally to researches and experts a large amount of companies were invited. The participants were from wide range of organizations and discussion was very lively. The results are reported in the final report of the study.

For more information

Leading Expert Jyrki Laitinen, Finnish Environment Institute, firstname.surname@ymparisto.fi

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