Jenni Attila tells about satellite observations in SEVIRA videoblog

News 2020-09-02 at 14:06

"Nowadays satellite observations are used in diverse ways in environmental monitoring” explains senior researcher Jenni Attila from the Geoinformatics Research Unit of the Finnish Environment Institute.

SEVIRA-project is a Finnish-Russian co-operation project that utilizes satellite, or Earth Observation, data for monitoring water quality in the Eastern Gulf of Finland. In the project, the partners are particularly interested in finding out what happens in the drainage basin and in their adjacent coastal waters. Satellite observations combined and compared with coastal monitoring station sampling are very useful for this in the Bay of Vyborg and Vironlahti.

“The great benefit of Earth Observation is that the country borders do not limit the observations; we get them simultaneously from both sides” reminds Attila. Even the Covid-19 has not hampered the collection of observation time series during this year.

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