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Joint cross-border hydrological monitoring in Lappeenranta

News 2019-05-15 at 13:18

A joint cross-border hydrological monitoring meeting was organized in Lappeenranta on 6-8th May. From Russia there were five participants from Northwest Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (FSBI North-West AHEM) and all together four people from Finland (three from Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Southeast Finland (KASELY) and one from Finnish Environment Institute SYKE).

On Monday 6th May the group visited groundwater level measuring station in Valkeala and water level station in Lake Ylä-Kivijärvi. Topics related to measuring practices and devices were discussed. On Tuesday 7th hydrological station in River Rakkolanjoki was visited and discharge was measured together with three different types of devices. Measurement techniques and related practices on both sides of the border were discussed on field. On Tuesday afternoon a visit to Lauritsala water level and water temperature station was also organized. Discussions on post-processing of the discharge measurement were continued on Wednesday morning at office. Joint field days was finished by visiting water level station at Lake Telkjärvi.

Conversations were active and field trips increased understanding of measurement practices in both Finland and Russia. A similar meeting with focus on hydrological monitoring in practice will be organized in Russia in September.

Rakkolanjoki river in May 2019
Joint cross-border hydrological monitoring at River Rakkolanjoki: discharge measurements with different type of devices. Photo: Pekka Vähänäkki.


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