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New on-line water quality station installed in the river Rakkolanjoki

News 2019-11-01 at 12:18
Search for sensor location in Rakkolanjoki (EHP Environment Oy).

An on-line water quality station was installed in the river Rakkolanjoki at the end of October. This operation is part of the modelling work package of the SEVIRA-project.

The new device measures turbidity, electrical conductivity, organic carbon, and chlorophyll-a with the frequency of one hour. The purpose of the measurements is to detect short-term variations in river water quality. Observations also provide more information on the uncertainty of the nutrient loading estimates. Moreover, measurements can be used in the calibration and testing of loading models. By means of these observations it is also possible to detect sudden load emissions that may occur in the catchment area.

When the correct level of measurements is adjusted with water sample analysis (e.g. local calibration), data can be made publicly available. This will also allow ordinary citizens to see water quality fluctuations in real time.

For security reasons, the station was placed on the site of an individual resident. The riverside itself is generally a state-owned property in Russia.

One of the four measuring sensors, chlorophyll-a.
Completing the installation of the datalogger (EHP Environment Oy).


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