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SEVIRA-project presented in St. Petersburg

News, December 5, 2019
SEVIRA-project was presented for communication specialists in an open event in the House of journalists in St. Petersburg at the end of November. In the event there was presented the Gulf of Finland cross-border co-operation between Finland and Russia. 

Second hydrological monitoring workshop of the SEVIRA project held in Helsinki

News, November 29, 2019
Hydrological monitoring part of the SEVIRA project has progressed as planned. Second hydrological workshop of the project was arranged in Helsinki in November. One aim of this work package is to increase conversation and knowledge exchange on hydrological monitoring and its practices between Finland and Russia.

New on-line water quality station installed in the river Rakkolanjoki

News, November 1, 2019
An on-line water quality station was installed in the river Rakkolanjoki at the end of October. This operation is part of the modelling work package of the SEVIRA-project. The new device measures turbidity, electrical conductivity, organic carbon, and chlorophyll-a with the frequency of one hour.




Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.


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