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By using the search tool you will find the ongoing projects and projects completed in 2012 or later.

The search results are listed according to the order of which website has been published last, with the newest website listed at the top.

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Project Stage
Coordinated and Integrated Permitting System (CIPS) in South Africa

The Overall Objective (intended long-term impact) of the Project was improved environmental governance in terms of enhanced service delivery of DEA by simplifying the environmental permitting processe...

EC DG MARE – EMODNet: Knowledge Base for growth and innovation in ocean economy: assembly and dissemination of marine data for seabed mapping

A framework contract with the European Commission's Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE)to procure various services for assembling marine data, metadata and data products a...

Needs Assessment for the Effective Implementation of the Environmental Conservation Law in Myanmar

Objectives of the assessment were three-fold: (1) Carry out a comprehensive review of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) in Myanmar and an assessment of existing gaps in its implementation and e...

Administration and Support of the Strategic Cooperation Programme for Finland's Water Sector Support to the EECCA Countries (FinWaterWEI)

The Programme describes the Finnish policy framework and the overall situation of the water sector and the water sector support to the EECCA countries. It also sets out the strategic focal areas for t...

Capacity Building on the Water Monitoring and Management in Georgia

The overall objective of the cooperation is to improve the status of waters and water ecology and minimize the negative effects of climate change in Georgia.

Water Quality Monitoring in the Kyrgyz Republic

The Project Objective is the exchange of experiences between the Finnish and Kyrgyz administrations for capacity building to adopt broadly recognised good practices to carry out water quality monitori...

Gulf of Bothnia as Resource for Sustainable Growth (SmartSea)

The purpose of the SmartSea project is to support the growth of commercial marine activities in the Gulf of Bothnia region. The Gulf of Bothnia is an essential resource in terms of fish farming and wi...

The Finnish Inventory Programme for the Underwater Marine Environment, VELMU

VELMU collects data on the occurrence of underwater marine biotopes, species and communities in Finland’s marine waters. The programme contributes to the Baltic marine protection and to the sustainabl...

Impacts of Terrestrial Organic Matter Loading on Lake Food Webs and Human Health - Challenges for Environmental Regulation (TERLA consortium)

The objectives of the TERLA research consortium are to examine the impacts caused by terrestrial organic matter on lake food webs and human health and provide science-based knowledge for evaluating an...

Fluxes of Terminal Electron Acceptors: Linking Human Disturbance to the Health of Aquatic Systems (TEAQUILA)

In the TEAQUILA project we will focus on improving the state of aquatic ecosystems by controlling the load of terminal electron acceptors (TEAs), besides decreasing nutrient loading. The analysis of c...

Preparing for the domino effect in crisis situations (PREDICT)

PREDICT provides a comprehensive solution for dealing with cascading effects in multi-sectorial crisis situations covering aspects of critical infrastructures.

Novel gypsum-based products for farm scale phosphorus trapping (TraP)

The Trap project was a 3-year joint venture (2008–2010) analyzing the effect of gypsum, an industrial by-product, on phosphorus losses from fields to surface waters. SYKE was responsible for measuring...

Management of water balance and quality in mining areas (WaterSmart)

WaterSmart project aims to improve the awareness of actual quantities of water, and water balances in mine areas to give possibility to forecast water masses in future. The goal is to promote the anti...

Nordic WFD conference 2014

The Nordic WFD Conference on How to improve resource effective implementation of WFD in Nordic countries will be held in the City of Oulu in Finland on 19th of March 2014.

Water and green economy

The objective has been considered to be sustainable consumption of natural resources and energy including resource efficiency and reduction of waste and emissions. In green economy operational precond...

Regional administration of lake restoration initiatives (LakeAdmin)

The objective of Lake-Admin is to improve the goal-setting and quality of lake restoration in Regions that have acknowledged the importance of lakes in their economic development. The project improves...

EC DG ENV – Framework contract for services related to coordination between the different marine regions in implementing the ecosystem approach

The overall objective of the multiple framework contract is be to support the coherence of the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (2008/56/EC) within and among marine regions an...

Short-term expert services for HELCOM

SYKE provided short-term expert services to HELCOM for example on hazardous waste management and on the improvement of the quality of data on nutrient inputs with focus on transboundary loads.

Development of rescue actions based on dam-break flood analysis (RESCDAM)

The main purpose of the RESCDAM project was to develop emergency action planning for dams. A dam break hazard (flood) analysis is a necessary aid for this. The pilot project of RESCDAM was focused on ...

Climate Change Adaptation Tools for Environmental Risk Mitigation of Acid Sulphate Soils (CATERMASS)

The objective of this project is to find tools for improving water protection in AS-soil areas. The project aims at developing methods for mitigating environmental impact of AS-soils and adapting land...

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