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By using the search tool you will find the ongoing projects and projects completed in 2012 or later.

The search results are listed according to the order of which website has been published last, with the newest website listed at the top.

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Project Stage
Light pollution – a serious environmental problem? (VALO)

Light pollution is artificial light that causes adverse effects to the functioning of ecosystems or to human health or well-being. Light pollution - a serious environmental threat? (VALO) is a project...

Model of Three Urban Fabrics (UF)

A new theory of three urban fabrics is developed in order to support the comprehensive planning and research of land use, housing, transportation and services. As a basis, the past developement of the...

Travel-related Urban Zones as a Planning Tool (Urban Zone 2)

The approach of travel-related urban zones is developed into a planning tool for land use and transportation planning. The method can be used in evaluation of the present state, historical development...

Development of rescue actions based on dam-break flood analysis (RESCDAM)

The main purpose of the RESCDAM project was to develop emergency action planning for dams. A dam break hazard (flood) analysis is a necessary aid for this. The pilot project of RESCDAM was focused on ...

National Assessment of the Economics of Ecosystem Services in Finland (TEEB Finland) – Synthesis and Roadmap

TEEB Finland is a pioneering project that aims to initiate a systematic national process to incorporate ecosystem services into all levels of decision-making. The goal of the project is to identify Fi...

Green infra - The dependence of ecosystem services and biodiversity on the green infrastructure

The changes in land use practices have led to the degradation of ecosystems, habitat fragmentation, and consequently the loss of biodiversity and associated ecosystem services. Green Infrastructure (G...

Environmental justice and ecosystem services: Access, equity and participation in the use and management of aquatic environments in the Helsinki region (ENJUSTESS)

The objective of the project is to explore the interconnections of environmental justice and ecosystem services with a novel focus on urban aquatic environments – or "blue infrastructure" – and cultu...

Eco-tools for urban development - KEKO A

Purpose of this project is to evaluate existing regional eco-efficiency tools, and explore the posibility to develop new and more multipurpose assessment tools.

Support to Environment and Sustainable Development in North West Province, South Africa

The overall objective of the project was to improve the quality of life of the population by improved environmental sustainability. The purpose was to introduce correct environmental considerations in...

Preparatory Action on Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea (PLAN BOTHNIA)

The PLAN BOTHNIA project will test Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Bothnian Sea area as a transboundary case between Sweden and Finland. The objective of the project is to gain experience of in...

Support to Magaliesberg Biosphere Initiative, South Africa

The purpose is to support the authorities in North West and Gauteng provinces to establish and manage the Magaliesberg biosphere area to be registered with the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme.

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