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By using the search tool you will find the ongoing projects and projects completed in 2012 or later.

The search results are listed according to the order of which website has been published last, with the newest website listed at the top.

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Project Stage
Towards ecosystem accounting based on innovations and insights on natural capital knowledge ESTAT-EEA

The ESTAT-EEA project will focus on improving national capacity to proceed ecosystem accounting, show gaps and possibilities in data and knowledge in general and related to the three pilot cases, and ...

Geospatial Platform in Public Administration

The Geospatial Platform, i.e. the Geospatial Platform in Public Administration programme, is part of a Government key programme, “Digitalisation of Public Services”. The concept of the geospatial plat...

Development of pan-European Multi-Sensor Snow Mapping Methods Exploiting Sentinel-1 (S1-4Sci Snow)

The project aims at the development of multisensor snow mapping methodology exploiting both optical and SAR-data. Target area is Europe.

Promotion of sustainable circular bioeconomy in North Karelia

The collaborative project of Finnish Environment Institute and Natural Resources Institute Finland during years 2018-2020 primarily targets at developing sustainable business models for actors in circ...

Hazardous industrial chemicals in the IED BREFs (HAZBREF)

The Industrial Emissions Directive is the main instrument on the EU level to control hazardous substances that are released from industrial sites. However, its reference documents, or BREFs, currently...

Utilization of Sentinel satellite series for monitoring the water quality of the Baltic Sea and Finnish lakes

VESISEN-project aims at developing methods for utilizing EU/ESA Copernicus-program Sentinel-satellite series observations for determining water quality on Finnish lakes and on the coastal waters of Fi...

Producing land cover and land use data in CORINE Land Cover 2018 project and validating Copernicus Land products in Finland

Finnish Corine Land Cover 2018 -project produce a satellite image mosaic, both raster and vector land cover databases and land cover changes databases. Databases will represent the land cover of the y...

Targeted methods for increasing recycling – economic impacts and feasibility (KEIKKA 2)

The objective of this project is to evaluate the economic impacts and social profitability of the proposed steering methods for increasing the recycling rate of municipal solid waste (MSW). Also the f...

Air Pollution Damage Cost Model for Finland (IHKU)

Air pollution has severe negative impacts on human health and environment. Monetary value of these negative impacts for people and society can be assessed with various methods. National level damage c...

Aquatic Monitoring for Sustainable Dredging in Northern Lakes of Egypt (MoMa-Monitoring Master)

This project aims at the improved capacity of the General Authority for Fish Resources Development (GAFRD) to monitor the environmental quality of Lake Manzala, plan the assessment of environmental im...

Utilization of Canadian waterweed - from nuisance to source of raw materials

In Koillismaa-region many lakes have been invaded by a harmful alien species Canadian waterweed (Elodea canadensis). The project aims to find new ways to utilize the biomass of waterweed and boost bus...

Beyond MALPE-coordination: integrative envisioning (BEMINE)

BEMINE project aims to enable capacity for developing and evaluating different development scenarios of sustainable Finnish urbanization and regionalization.

Baltic Sea Information on the Acustic Soundscape (BIAS)

BIAS will help the Member States to establish a collaborative approach for increasing the efficiency of the implementation of the MSFD descriptor 11.

Arctic Freshwater Capital in the Nordic Countries (CAPITAL)

The project produces an evaluation of the socio-economic benefits of the use and management of surface waters in northern / Arctic areas in the Nordic countries. Another objective is to determine the ...

Developing the guidelines for the post-spill monitoring of the accidental chemical spills in the Baltic sea and cold waters (EKOMON)

The main purpose of the EKOMON project is to make guidance for post-spill environmental monitoring, which can be widely utilized in the Baltic Sea and also other cold waters like the Arctic seas.

Airborne Monitoring Tools for Arctic and Baltic Sea Environment (UAV-ARCTIC)

The goal of this project is to define suitable knowledge related to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and to integrate innovative sensor solutions to UAV’s to develop novel tools for environmental monito...

Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance – ALLIANCE

Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance gathers together blue biotechnology experts from all around the Baltic Sea region (BSR). In the project, the resources of BSR research institutes are made available ...

Towards a future-oriented “Energiewende”: An anticipatory multi-level approach to the decentralised renewable energy transition (FutWend)

The project Futwende examines the causes of changes related to decentralized energy, the roles of actors, mental models, energy and resource policies and institutions that prevent or enable transitio...

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Circular Economy and Product Environmental Footprint (SCEPEF)

Product eco-labels guide consumer choices towards options with best environmental performance.The project “The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Circular Economy and Product Environmental Footprint” explores how ...

Environmental impact assessment of nearly zero energy building

The ministry of environment is responsible for the preparation of the nearly zero energy building (nZEB) legislation. During the preparation an impact assessment of the legislation is also done. In th...

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