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By using the search tool on the right-hand column, you will find the ongoing projects and projects completed in 2012 - 2017, as well as other central projects that have been completed earlier.

The search results are listed according to the order of which website has been published last, with the newest website listed at the top.

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Project Stage
Black carbon in the Arctic and significance compared to dust sources (IBA-FIN-BCDUST)

This IBA-project aims to assess black carbon in the Arctic and significance compared to dust sources for their climate impacts.

Black Carbon Footprint

Black Carbon Footprint is a 3-year research project funded by Business Finland and Finnish companies. The aim of the project is to create a new research-oriented business ecosystem covering actors fro...

CMEMS2 - Copernicus In-Situ Ocean Observations: Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service, Provision of In-Situ Ocean Observation Products

The Ocean Colour Thematic Assembly Centre (OCTAC) builds and operates the European Ocean Colour Service for the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) providing global, pan-European ...

EMODNet 2 Lot 5 Biology: Operation, development and maintenance of a European Marine Observation and Data Network

The objective of this contract is to further develop an operational service where marine data on marine species is made interoperable and freely available and to further develop data products based on...

Strengthening water quality monitoring and assessment in Colombia, COFI water (ICI)

The project “Strengthening water quality monitoring and assessment in Colombia (COFI-Water)” is a joint initiative between IDEAM and SYKE. The collaboration aims to enhance IDEAM’s capacities to plan,...

Simulators for improving Cross-Border Oil Spill Response in Extreme Conditions - SIMREC

The main goals of the SIMREC project is to reduce environmental risks related to oil spills. This will be done by strengthen the cooperation and by creating a new simulator-based environment for train...

Enhancing Oil Spill Response Capability in the Baltic Sea Region - OIL SPILL

The OIL SPILL project has the overall goal to strengthen oil spill response capability in the BSR by enhancing cross-border and cross-sectorial co-operation structures, procedures and skills between a...

Arctic Preparedness Platform for Oil Spill and Other Environmental Accidents - APP4SEA

APP4SEA aims to strengthen the preparedness of environmental authorities and the awareness of general public in the coastal areas of the NPA region regarding oil spill response. Combating oil spills i...

Urban and regional planning with the young generation - collective and intergenerational learning encouraging sustainability transformations (URGENT)

In the transdisciplinary URGENT project, funded by the Academy of Finland, we study whether and how bringing together urban and regional planning with formal education and education for sustainable de...

Advanced machine learning methods for biomonitoring (AMBI)

I will develop machine learning algorithms to conquer challenges typically encountered automated image-based identification in biomonitoring. The considered challenges are i) unbalanced occurrence of ...

Right tools for the right problems – Improving environmental planning with portfolio decision analysis (PORTRIGHT)

Environmental problems are complex and contested, and finding solutions to them requires a good overall understanding of the ecological, economic and social systems and relationships within and among...

Joint cross-border environmental monitoring system (Eco-bridge)

Eco-Bridge project belongs to Karelia CBC Programme (code KA5016)and it strengthens the environmental awareness of citizens, authorities and public organisation through introduction of joint approache...

Towards deliberative climate and energy foresight (DECENT)

DECENT research project examines medium and long-term future-oriented governmental decision-making in Finland, with particular focus on the formation and impact of national climate and energy strategy...

Blue Platform

The purpose of the project is to collect and modify the data and knowledge produced in different blue bioeconomy projects in the Baltic Sea Region to an easy-to-use format into interactive webpages to...

CAScading Climate risks: towards ADaptive and resilient European Societies (CASCADES)

The CASCADES project aims to understand the conditions under which climate risks propagate beyond their immediate geographical and temporal location in ways that may affect European stability and cohe...

Towards Eco-Welfare State: Orchestrating for Systemic Impact (ORSI)

The ORSI research project develops steering practices that enable the transformation to a Finnish eco-welfare state with ecologically effective and societally legitimate measures.

Samassa Vedessä - Shared waters

Shared waters-project is funded by Finnish Clutural Foundation and investigates phosphorus loading across the fields of science and in different scales.

Arctic Coast Bioremediation – ACBR

The aim of the project is to develop biotechnology for comprehensive remediation of oil-contaminated marine coastal areas in the Arctic which will be a more efficient and eco-friendly solution in comp...

IDEALE Interplay between National Defence and Low-Carbon Energy Policies: a Sustainability Transitions Perspective

IDEALE is an Academy of Finland fellowship project lead by Dr. Paula Kivimaa. It will connect the research streams of sustainability transitions, energy and military security, and policy interplay (po...

Just transition: Tackling inequalities on the way to a sustainable, healthy and climate-neutral food system (JUST-FOOD)

JUST FOOD explores and develops means for making the transition to a healthy and climate-smart food system just, sustainable, and socially acceptable.

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