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Projects of International Expert Services

(Projects in bold are ongoing, projects are in reverse chronological order)


Asia & Caucasus


European Countries

Twinning projects

  • Nature Protection (EC Twinning, 2017-2019, Macedonia)
  • Upgrading the National Environmental Monitoring System (NEMS) of Azerbaijan on the base of EU best practices (EC/EuropeAid, 2016-2019, Azerbaijan)
  • Improving Emissions Control (EC Twinning, Turkey) (2011-2013) 
  • Further Institutional Support to the Environmental Sector (EC Twinning, 2010-2012, Kosovo)
  • Strengthening the Local Level Capacities for Environmental Management in the Area of Air Quality (EC Twinning, 2010-2012, FYR Macedonia)
  • Improving the Quality of Estonia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory EE06-IB-TWP-ENV-06 (EC Twinning Light, 2009, Estonia)
  • Strengthening of the Official Control in the Field of Soil Protection (EC Twinning Light, 2008-2009, Czech Republic)
  • Contribution to Establishing a Disaster Management Administration at Regional and Local Level, (EC Twinning, 2006-2008, Romania)
  • Air quality improvement (EC Twinning, 2006-2008, Macedonia)
  • Establishment of the Type Specific Reference Conditions for Classification of the Ecological Status (EC Twinning light, 2005-2006, Slovak Republic)
  • Development of National Hydrometric Network According to EU Standards (EC Twinning light, 2004, Estonia)
  • Reference Conditions as a Basis for Classification of Surface Water Status (EC Twinning Light, 2004, Slovak Republic)
  • Establishment of the Natura 2000 Network under the Habitats Directive (EC Twinning, 2002-2004, Estonia)
  • Institutional Strengthening of Environmental Inspectorates (EC Twinning, 2002-2004, Hungary)
  • Implementation of the IPPC Directive (EC Twinning, 2002-2003, Hungary)
  • Special Preparatory Programme for Structural Funds, (EC Twinning, 2002-2003, Lithuania)
  • Information System on Environmental Indicators (EC Twinning Light, 2002, Czech Republic)

Latin America



More information

For more information please contact Ms Tea Törnroos, Head of International Affairs Unit, Finnish Environment Institute.

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