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Sea theme: Data and data systems

The extensive data produced by SYKE are primarily openly accessible. A large part of the monitoring data is accessible in real-time online in SYKE's Open Data service, which anyone can use to search for information. The Baltic Sea's open sea area monitoring data will be made openly accessible in the service in 2016.

SYKE regularly submits data to the European Environment Agency (EEA), which compiles Europe-wide surveys from the materials it receives from Member States. SYKE also provides data to the EU in the manner defined in directives. Europe-wide data can be viewed on a map in the WISE system.

In addition to SYKE's Hertta system, marine monitoring data can be found in HELCOM's (Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission) and ICES's (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) map service and on our partner institute's the Baltic Nest Institute's website, to which SYKE submits its marine-related data. SYKE produced monitoring data on marine areas and the coast are also available via the EMODnet-Chemistry data service.

The state of the Baltic Sea is observed with automatic measurement instruments installed on passenger ships and commercial vessels. The results are updated in the SYKE-maintained "Lake and Sea Wiki" page.

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The service provides information on water resources, the state of surface waters, ground waters, living species, environmental loading and use of areas, as well as spatial data related to the environment stored in the environmental administration's data systems.

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