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Sea-theme: Projects

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Our activities are project-driven. Our projects produce data for the needs of decision-making, marine conservation and for ensuring sustainable use. We develop practical solutions on the basis of strong scientific expertise.

Projects included in the sea theme can be found under the Baltic Sea, water systems and water resources project entity.

What is the status of the Archipelago Sea food web? 2018-03-12
In the coming weeks senior research scientist Laura Uusitalo and her collegues interview the local stakeholders and managers about their views of the Archipelago Sea ecosystem and its functioning, and about the aspects of marine nature and associated goods and services they hold valuable and important. The interviews are part part of the international project BONUS BLUEWEBS.
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Burning of floating and stranded oil have been successfully tested in Greenland 2018-03-06
Burning of floating and stranded oil was successfully tested last summer in Greenland by Aarhus University, Greenland Oil Spill Response A/S, Lamor Corporation Ab and DESMI A/S. The experiments included two novelties: the coastal in-situ burning and the collection of burnt residues from water. The pilot scale experiments and other results of the GRACE project coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute are presented in the international seminar on 7–8 March.
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