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Algal bloom monitoring August 27, 2015: Cyanobacterial blooms in the sea areas and lakes

Press release 2015-08-27 at 12:53

Warm weather has increased the amount of cyanobacteria. In lakes, cyanobacterial blooms have been reported more than usually during the time of summer. Cyanobacteria are still blooming in the South-Western Finnish sea areas and in the Gulf of Finland. More in Finnish

Large map of the week's 35 algal situation

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Biologist  Satu Maaria Karjalainen, SYKE,
tel 0295 251 262,

Sea areas

Researcher Sirpa Lehtinen, SYKE
tel 0295 251 353,

Leading Researcher Harri Kuosa, SYKE 
tel. 0295 251 106,

Algae telephone (every weekday from June to August at 1 pm - 3 pm.)

  • Sea expert, tel. 0295 251 373
  • Lake expert, tel. 0295 251 374

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