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Algal bloom monitoring July 30, 2015: Amount of cyanobacteria has increased in lake and sea areas

Press release 2015-07-30 at 12:30

In the lakes, amount of cyanobacteria has increased. Still, cyanobacteria have been reported less from lakes than usually in late July. Cyanobacterial surface bloom has been observed in the Bothnian Sea, but otherwise wind has prevented cyanobacteria to form surface accumulations in the Finnish open sea areas. More in Finnish

Large map of the week's 31 algal situation



More information:


Limnologist Sari Mitikka, SYKE (untill July 31)
tel. 0295 251 430, firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi

Researcher Minna Kuoppala, SYKE (from August 3)
tel. 0295 251 324, firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi

Sea areas

Researcher Sirpa Lehtinen, SYKE
tel. 0295 251 353, firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi

Algae telephone (every weekday from June to August at 1 pm - 3 pm.)

  • Sea expert, tel. 0295 251 373
  • Lake expert, tel. 0295 251 374

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