Expert services on lake restoration and catchment management

Does your lake suffer from eutrophication? Is there a need to diminish diffuse loading?

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE offers its know-how and expertise for lake restoration projects and expertise on catchment management, which is often the prerequisite for successful results in restoration. The special areas of our expertise include improving water status and scientific knowledge in lake restoration and management.

Preparation of a restoration project includes the choice of physical, chemical and biological measures and catchment area management techniques to be applied in the target. A multi-criteria assessment method helps in the comparison of cost-effective options and in stakeholder participation in the planning phase. Water quality and biological monitoring before and after restoration gives information on how the goals of the restoration have been attained.

Good haul. Photo Ilkka Sammalkorpi.

We offer our expert services on catchment management

  • Wetland protection and catchment restoration
  • Waste water control and treatment
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Methods for soil nutrient balance retention

We offer our expert services on lake restoration

  • Nature-based shoreline management tools
  • Chemical methods for sediment nutrient retention
  • Food web management tools and biodiversity improvement

We offer our expert services on stream management and restoration

We offer structured support for the evaluation of alternatives and the significance of impacts in environmental planning.

We offer courses and a counselling service for restoration, management and monitoring.


Published 2020-05-28 at 16:04, updated 2020-04-06 at 14:32