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Specialist work related to water theme


Hannu Vallas, Lentokuva Vallas Oy
Photo: Hannu Vallas, Lentokuva Vallas Oy

Researchers are needed to identify solutions and to assess various alternatives in support of decision-making in society. With our expertise, we support the preparation and implementation of national and international legislation.

The condition of lakes, rivers, and coastal waters is assessed in accordance with the Water Framework Directive, on the basis of their ecological and chemical condition. SYKE provides instruction and assists the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in the classification of the ecological state of waters.

SYKE develops and maintains systems for monitoring water, snow, and ice conditions, also issuing flood warnings when necessary. One of its key duties is to assist the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the implementation of the Flood Risk Management Act and in the development of the associated methods and guidance required. SYKE also assesses the likelihood of floods and the expected changes in climate and water resources.

Some topics of specialist work related to this theme are shown in the panel on the right. 

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