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The Baltic Sea Research Week


Image: Heli Vilmi / Environment administration image bank

SYKE is hosting a number of scientific seminars and workshops related to the Baltic Sea and especially the Gulf of Finland in November in Helsinki. Topics vary from pollution to modelling and spatial planning. We invite all interested researchers and experts to participate - find the topic of your interest below!

The seminars have separate deadlines and registration sites, please make sure to sign in accordingly.

Monday 24.11.

  • Baltic Earth - Gulf of Finland Year 2014 Modelling Workshop. Using modelling as a tool to ensure sustainable development of the Gulf of Finland-Baltic Sea ecosystem - A scientific workshop in support of the Gulf of Finland Declaration. Programme and registration, deadline 3 November.

Tuesday 25.11.

  • Pollution and Ecosystem Health Workshop. Programme and registration, deadline 14 November.
  • TOPCONS Final Seminar, Transboundary tools for spatial planning and conservation of the Gulf of Finland. Programme and registration, deadline 19 November.
  • Baltic Earth - Gulf of Finland Year 2014 Modelling Workshop continues.

Wednesday 26.11.

  • Trilateral Gulf of Finland Scientific Seminar, topics of the day the Gulf of Finland Year Declaration and Roadmap, presentations and workshops on research themes in the afternoon. Programme and registration, deadline 12 November.

Thursday 27.11.

  • Trilateral Gulf of Finland Scientific Seminar continues, topics Gulf of Finland and the Climate Change and conclusions from the workshops.
  • Baltic Sea Information on the Acoustic Soundscape (BIAS) Seminar. Programme and registration (with the same form as Trilateral Gulf of Finland Scientific Seminar), deadline 12 November.


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