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Effects of different restoration methods on forestry-impacted streams

Forestry practices can cause excessive sedimentation in stream ecosystems. A challenge to stream management is therefore to identify the best restoration practices to mitigate the harmful impacts of f...

New online tool to standardise assessment of the status of European seas

A new tool for the assessment of the state of the sea (NEAT) has been developed in a large joint European research project DEVOTES, which aims to develop indicators and assessment methods for marine b...

Article on valuing biodiversity in environmental management - the most downloaded in the Ecological Indicators journal

Researchers from the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and the University of Helsinki have together released an article on valuing biodiversity in environmental management. Titled ‘How to value bi...

Baltic Sea ecosystem wheel presents eleven key descriptors making up a healthy Baltic marine ecosystem

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has recently updated information on the state of the Finnish Baltic Sea ecosystem. The publication, Sea Spray 2015 (Meren pärskäys 2015 in Finnish) presents scient...