Baltic Sea Communication Network of Finland

The Baltic Sea Communication Network of Finland has been working since 2009 to act together for a cleaner Baltic Sea and to make people aware of the condition of the Baltic Sea. Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has been leading the network 2009—2016. In 2017—2018 coordinators of the network are Lotta Ruokanen (BSC Coordinator, Helsinki) and Tove Holm (BSC Coordinator, Turku).


Maailma Kylässä Festivaalin Itämeri-teltta 2012, photo Aira Saloniemi
Having a network offers a possibility to take part and be visible in events as a one body, an event at Helsinki in May 2012. © Photo: Aira Saloniemi

"The initiative to found a network was raised by the need to cooperation. Cooperation is based on a shared goal, the welfare of the Baltic Sea which we all are working with in our everyday work. We started with 20 actors. Now there are 50 organisations and 100 names on the network mailing list", says the first coordinator of the network, Ms. Aira Saloniemi.

"The point is to join our resources to get out more of our communication resources".

The network is a handy communications tool as you can reach everybody relevant actor on this area with just one email and it is easy to organize meetings with other communicators.

The network shares information and expereince of sea related activities in regular meetings or via e-mail. The actual work is done in project groups when organizing for example national or local events or high quality seminars for the journalists.

Media trainings, the seminars for the journalists, have been very popular. Twice a year the network collects 30-40 journalists of the main medias for one day to listen background information under one main theme. Themes have been: The Blue Gorwth and the Baltic Sea (2016), Towards the safer Gulf of Finland in (2015), The Baltic Sea and Chemicals (2014), Climate Change (2013), Food (2013), Technology (2012), Research (2011), Agriculture (2011), Money and economics (2010), Can politics save the Baltic Sea? (2010).

Read more about the next media training that will be held on 9th of October 2018 .

The network is also active in social media. The network members share their news in the network´s common Facebook-site "Mitä Itämerelle kuuluu?".

Also joint materials has been produced, e.g. a leaflet (in Finnish, Swedish, English and Estonia) on what one can personally do to save the Baltic Sea.


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