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Data and Information Centre

The Data and Information Centre of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is responsible for producing, storing and distributing national environmental information and spatial data.  It provides information systems, spatial applications and electronic services based on this information. Furthermore the centre contributes to environmental information reporting by coordinating and developing reporting methods.

The centre produces also operational remote sensing products and conducts research in geoinformatics and earth observation information systems.  

In addition the centre is responsible for basic information technology services and provides information services whereby operates scientific environmental library.

Data and Information Centre is comprised of six units

  • ICT-services
    Develops and maintains information technology (IT), infrastructure and services of Finnish environmental administration.
  • The Geoinformatics Systems Unit
    Develops and maintains geographical information systems (GIS) and earth observation data processing systems of Finnish environmental administration.
  • The Geoinformatics Research Unit
    Develops earth observation techniques and geographical information systems (GIS) for environmental monitoring.
  • The Geoinformatics Services Unit
    Develops environmental Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), including spatial datasets, metadata and web services. SDI is developed taking into account both the national user needs as well as the goals of the INSPIRE directive. The unit is also responsible for providing the services needed in promoting and supporting the use of environmental SDI.
  • The Environmental Information Systems Unit
    Implements and maintains information systems that support the core activities of Environmental Administration. Also offers consulting, project management and purchasing services.
  • The Information Service
    Supports customers in searching of information.  It compiles, maintains and distributes extensive information of environmental science and promotes availability and openness of knowledge.
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