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Laboratory Centre

Analysing in SYKE laboratory.
Photo: Vanessa Riki

SYKE's Laboratory Centre develops and produces a variety of environmental analyses and tests. The Laboratory Centre fulfils SYKE's function as the national reference laboratory in the environmental field under the Environmental Protection Act, designated by the Ministry of the Environment in Finland. Its duties include providing external quality assessments (proficiency testing), standardisation of methods, as well as training and expert support for the authorities and other parties within the environmental field. It also acts as the national aquatic chemistry calibration laboratory (the designated laboratory for the VTT MIKES – metrology ) and manages the certification system of environmental sampling personnel. Testing and calibration activities, providing proficiency testing and sampling personnel certification operations have been accredited by the Finnish Accreditation Services (FINAS).

The Laboratory Centre conducts research on ecotoxicological effects of harmful and emerging substances, synthetic nanomaterials in particular, and chemical metrology. It is also developing methods for environmental analysis and biological impact assessment.

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