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Programme for Environmental Information

Environmental Information
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The Programme for Environmental Information helps policy-makers to recognise the value of environmental information and supports the predictive use of environmental information in society.

The programme promotes the production of, and research into, environmental information at SYKE. It combines research and development projects under this theme.

Further information

  • Production of environmental information
  • Director of the Programme for Environmental Information: Kristian Meissner
  • Senior Researcher Elise Järvenpää: European Environment Information and Observation Network (Eionet), land use/cover monitoring
  • Associate professor Taru Peltola: information practices in environmental policy and co-operative production of information, environmental conflicts
  • Senior Researcher Laura Uusitalo: data analysis and modelling, evaluation of the state of the environment, marine food webs and biodiversity
  • Senior Researcher Eero Siivola: data-analysis and modelling, machine learning methods, Bayesian statistics
  • Senior Research Scientist Jenni Raitoharju: machine learning, machine vision, automatic methods, environmental monitoring
  • Trainee Mikko Impiö
  • Contact information


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