Programme for Sustainable Circular Economy

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The Programme for Sustainable Circular Economy assesses and promotes the sustainability of the circular economy, studies challenges and opportunities related to the transition to such an economy, and disseminates good practices.  The programme identifies research needs and solutions to the mounting social challenges related to the circular economy. 

The programme combines and promotes circular economy expertise within SYKE.  In addition, it coordinates expert work conducted at SYKE on significant regulation reforms.

Further information

  • Towards the circular economy
  • Director of the Programme for Sustainable Circular Economy, senior research scientist Petrus Kautto: circular economy policy, research on regulation and steering methods
  • Senior research scientist Annukka Berg: circular economy trials and policy
  • Senior research scientist Sari Kauppi: sustainable and safe circular economy, harmful substances and plastics in the circular economy, research and development activities that promote sustainable mining
  • Researcher Enni Ruokamo, circular economy effects and policy instruments, consumers in the circular economy
  • Researcher Milja Räisänen, plastics in the circular economy
  • Researcher Hanna Salo, product policy and steering toward a circular economy
  • Contact information
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