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Sustainable Urbanisation Programme

Sustainable Urbanisation
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The Sustainable Urbanisation Programme generates information on urban development for use by policy-makers, citizens and other stakeholder groups, and supports their active participation in the process.

The programme promotes urban research activities at SYKE and supports the generation, analysis and distribution of urban information. It also combines research and development projects under this theme. In addition to carrying out research, the programme members are actively involved in monitoring the international phenomenon of urbanisation and participate in research and expert networks.

Read more on the programme activities from SYKE Urbanisation theme pages

Director (2018-2020) Emma Terämä tells about the role of the Sustainable Urbanisation Programme within and outside of SYKE.

Further information

  • Director of the Sustainable Urbanisation Programme Marko Tainio
  • Senior Researcher Maija Faehnle: Interactive processes, Civil society, Urban civic activism, Collaborative / sharing economy
  • Senior researcher Hanna-Liisa Kangas: Low-carbon building, Energy efficiency, Legislation, Steering
  • Senior Researcher Juha Peltomaa: Urban and environmental policy, Sustainable transport and mobility, Actor-level reviews, Processes of socio-technical change
  • Researcher Iina Turunen.
  • Contact information
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