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Objectives, targets and outcomes of SYKE’s environmental management system

Objectives and targets of SYKE's environmental programme 2019–2021

Mitigation of adverse environmental effects caused by SYKE’s activities

  • We will reduce our travel-related environmental impacts and favour public transport
  • We will reduce Aranda’s emissions
  • We will reduce procurement-related emissions
  • We will encourage and instruct people to sort their waste
  • We will reduce the environmental impact of catering services
  • We will reduce emissions on the Viikki Campus

Visibility of environmental matters in SYKE’s own activities

  • We will reduce the amount of mixed waste
  • We will raise awareness of environmental issues among SYKE employees
  • We will compensate for environmental damage and have more positive results

Increased impact of environmental information produced by SYKE

  • Increased impact of environmental information produced by SYKE

Promotion of SYKE’s sustainable activities

  • We will expand the environmental programme to meet the targets of sustainable development

Environmental management system monitoring information

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