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ZOO 10/2020 - Macroinvertebrate taxonomic


Proftest SYKE will organize a macroinvertebrate taxonomic proficiency test in November 2020. The test consists of three parts of which participants may select suitable samples. The test material will represent macroinvertebrate taxa that typically occur in freshwaters of northern Fennoscandia and the northern part of the Baltic Sea. The proficiency test is targeted at consultants and environmental authorities who analyze macroinvertebrate samples from inland waters or the Baltic Sea as well as macroinvertebrate analysts working in research institutes and universities. 20-30 participants are expected to take the test. In the previous similar test 22 participants from four countries took part (Meissner et al, 2017). 

The registration for this proficiency test is open until 23 October 2020.
Registration is done via Webropol form at the latest on 23 October 2020. For future information, please contact proftest@syke.fi.


ZOO 10-2020 Infoletter.pdf

Published 2020-08-18 at 10:04, updated 2021-03-29 at 13:52