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07.10.2020 - 16.10.2020 Water echange cruise


Water echange cruise


The main tasks are
1) Intercalibration and testing of different CTD instruments and other sensors measuring temperature, conductivity, oxygen content etc.
2) Water exchange study between the Baltic Sea Proper and the Bothnian Sea with co-operation with SMHI, Sweden:
- CTD-soundings and water sampling from the ship
- Deployments of one CTD+oxygen sensor and a single point ADCP owned by SMHI, Sweden, near Understen
- Deployment of an ADCP on the Archipelago Sea
3) Glider and Argo float experiments
4) Recovery of wave buoys and current meters on the Rauma fairway

Cruise leader

Riikka Hietala

Responsible organisation and cooperation


Cruise plan

Water Exchange 2020

Cruise report


Published 2020-01-01 at 10:00, updated 2020-09-23 at 16:49