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Work at the centre of sustainable development

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Sustainable development has become an increasingly important societal goal. The UN agreement of the Agenda2030 in 2015 rendered the sustainable development goals ever more significant with deep-set implications also for actions of the global north.

In Finland, the Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE is a frontrunner in analysing the state of as well as policy measeures towards sustainable development. The work is done across various sectors and together with multiple stakeholders. SYKE is a trusted partner organisation in esteemed international processes and projects for sustainable development.

Specialist areas

  •  Analysis and assessment of sustainable systemic change
  • Co-development, analysis and assessment of policy meaasures in support of sustainable development
  • Expertise related to clean water
  • Significance of biodiversity and ecosystem services with respect to health, among others
  •  Addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation questions
  • Circular economy, sustainable consumption and production
  • Urbanisation in support of sustainable development
  • Information in service of sustainable development

Policy Brief: A future the planet can accommodate 


More information:

Director of the Environmental Policy Centre Eeva Furman, SYKE
tel. 0295 251 123,

Director of the Sustainable Urbanisation Programme Emma Terämä, SYKE
tel.0295 251 692,

Senior Researcher Annukka Berg, SYKE
tel. 0295 251 842, 

Director of the Programme for Sustainable Circular Economy Riina Antikainen, SYKE
tel. 0295 251 146,


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