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Groundwater Checklist
Content page | Published: 2018-08-31

Shortcut: The Groundwater checklist is a groundwater protection tool for use by companies, government agencies, consultants and researchers. It compris...

Research & Development > Water > Models and tools > Groundwater Checklist
Urban Zones Applied in Planning (Urban Zone 3)
Project | Published: 2015-02-04

Urban Zone 3 project is dealing with the future development of the urban form in Finnish urban regions. Travel-related urban zone method is applied in various planning cases of different-sized Finnis...

Research & Development > Research and development projects > Projects > Urban Zones Applied in Planning (Urban Zone 3)
Content page | Published: 2017-03-13

Eco-efficient office building
Project | Published: 2013-11-06

Introduction The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) had for several years looked for possibilities for having its office premises and laboratories in the same place, rather than spread ove...

Research & Development > Research and development projects > Projects > Eco-efficient office building
Reports and Publications of the VACCIA project
Content page | Published: 2013-06-04

VACCIA project’s synthesis report Bergström I. et al. (eds.) 2011. Ekosysteemipalvelut ja elinkeinot - haavoittuvuus ja sopeutuminen muuttuvaan ilmastoon. VACCIA-hankkeen yhteenveto...

Research & Development > Research and development projects > Projects > Vulnerability Assessment of ecosystem services for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (VACCIA) > Reports and Publications of the VACCIA project
Winter navigation risks and oil contingency plan (WINOIL)
Project | Published: 2013-04-12

Latest events Final Seminar of the WINOIL project was held in St. Petersburg, Russia in 30th September 2014. After the seminar, the project group will have the closing meeting in 1st November, a...

Research & Development > Research and development projects > Projects > Winter navigation risks and oil contingency plan (WINOIL)
Content page | Published: 2015-09-04

Our newsletters are in Finnish only. You can find SYKE's news in English in LinkedIn and Twitter: SYKE's news in LinkedIn SYKEinternational Twitter @SYKEint  SYKE is p...

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Press release service
Content page | Published: 2019-08-20

You may order press releases of the Finnish Environmental Institute directly to your e-mail as soon as they have been published. You may cancel the order by using the link in the e-mail. If you wish...

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Social media
Content page | Published: 2013-05-02

Facebook We publish interesting environmental news and events on SYKE’s Facebook . In addition to that SYKE provides contents from different topics and projects to many Facebook pages: ...

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Content page | Published: 2017-10-18

SYKE employs approximately 600 skilled and committed professionals. Our job is to protect the environment and to apply cross-disciplinary research and competence to problem-solving. We ...

SYKE Info > Working at SYKE > Personnel
Content page | Published: 2016-03-30

Are you a natural scientist with extensive networks and good language skills? Or perhaps you hold a university degree in engineering and have experience in project work? Are you looking for a meanin...

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Content page | Published: 2013-05-06

Pollution prevention controls include the environmental permits required by law for certain activities. Different kinds of permits are granted by various environmental authorities, including Finla...

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Content page | Published: 2019-02-07

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) takes responsibility for the environmental impacts of its own acitivities. SYKE also wants to set example on measures in reducing the environmental burden ...

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Annual report
Content page | Published: 2013-05-02

Annual Report and Financial Statements of the Finnish Environment Institute 2018 are available in Finnish: Suomen ympäristökeskuksen toimintakertomus ja tilinpäätöslaskelmat vuodelta 201...

SYKE Info > Annual report

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