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Euroopean Commission: GisBloom is one of the best projects

GisBloom-project has been chosen one of the best project of the LIFE Environment projects.

Synthesis in scientific publication 2016

Healthy local lakes -video was published in September 2013



  • The improved understanding of algal bloom and eutrophication responses to management measures and to climate change in lakes and coastal areas.
  • The innovative combination of nationwide data and models on climate, hydrology, hydrobiology, land-use, management measures, nutrient loads and water quality responses.
  • Real-time forecasts for algal blooming in river basins and around 48 000 Finnish lakes on a daily basis.
  • A web-based map service and interactive portal (LakeWiki) aimed at facilitating participatory river basin management. This process will inform the selection of cost-efficient measures for river basin management plans in eight pilot areas.
  • The demonstration and validation of integrated results and tools.

Main activities

  1. The collation, analyses and demonstration of data.
  2. The implementation of models, web tools and services.
  3. The demonstration in seven river basin management projects.



  • Decreased frequency and extend of algal blooms.
  • Adaptation of management to climate change impacts.


  • Integrated, web-based tools and services for monitoring, ecological and cost-benefit analyses, forecasting and decision making.
  • Demonstration in seven river basin management projects.
  • Cost-efficient management of eutrophication and algal blooming.

Main EU policy targeted

By integrating available data and models into river basin management plans and by developing a participatory approach, the project will contribute to the achievement of the environmental objectives of the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC), the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (2008/56/EC) and the Nitrates Directive.

Presentation, posters and brochures

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          The trailer of the GisBloom-project was published in January 2013 (In Finnish):

More information

Project co-ordinator, Senior Research Scientists Olli Malve, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,

Research Engineer Pia Rotko, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,


Web Journalist Matti Lindholm, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,


Researcher Niina Kotamäki,  Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,

Sales director Jorma Haikonen, Oy Arbonaut Ltd

  Project acknowledges the funding received from the EU LIFE-Environment programme.
Life09 ENV/FI/000569


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