Sustainable Acceptable Mining (SAM)

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Panu Juntunen at SAM seminar © Taina Nystén


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Sirkku Tuominen at SAM seminar © Taina Nystén



SAM produces new tools for assessing sustainability in mining industry, especially for the management and communication in relation to environmental and social issues.


Both the Natural resources strategy (2009) and Finland’s Minerals Strategy (2010) underline the quality and export possibilities of Finnish environmental know-how, through which social acceptance is sought for the extractive industry. SAM is part of sustainable extractive industry programme Green Mining by Tekes


The aim is to increase the acceptance and sustainability of extractive industry especially in Finland and other northern areas.

Work packages, persons in charge, contact persons at SYKE

  • WP1 Foresight, Nina Wessberg (VTT), Sari Kauppi (SYKE)
  • WP2 Sustainable business concepts, Markku Mikkola (VTT), Taina Nystén (SYKE)
  • WP3 Water efficiency and risk assessment, Timo Jouttijärvi (SYKE)
  • WP4 Social impacts, Johanna Kohl (VTT), Lasse Peltonen (SYKE), Kari Oinonen 1.10.-31.12.2015 (SYKE)
  • WP5 Synthesis, Communication and Coordination, Helena Wessman (VTT), Taina Nystén (SYKE)


Further information

Development ManagerTaina Nystén & Researcher Sari Kauppi, Suomen ympäristökeskus SYKE,

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