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Sirkka Tattari: Cross-border cooperation in on-line monitoring

Blog, May 29 2020
On the very first SEVIRA blog hydrologist Sirkka Tattari from Finnish Environment Institute writes of cross-border cooperation in on-line monitoring.



First SEVIRA modelling results presented in KIMO 2020 Conference in Russia

News, June 5, 2020
First results of catchment modelling within the framework of SEVIRA project were showed by Dr Alexandra Ershova and Ksenia Korobchenkova (Russian State Hydrometeorological University) during the Fifth All-Russian Scientific Conference of Young Scientists “Complex Research of Young Oceanologists – KIMO 2020”, held on-line on 18-22 May 2020.

Laboratory analysis methods impact on determined riverine phosphorus concentrations

News, March 11, 2020
One of the key issues in SEVIRA-project is to obtain reliable data from rivers. This means not only necessity to carry out accurate measurements but to analyze the samples in laboratories and to compare the possible differences in between various methods used. The main goal is finally to obtain reliable information of the river loads.






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