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Aino Taskinen: ”Jealousy as a motive should not be diminished” – activating housing cooperatives towards energy efficiency

We want to defeat our neighbors, whether it is about owning the coolest car, using the fanciest technology or making the biggest savings. Existing information about efficiency and cost-effectiveness could also be brought up for grabs through the platform, as well as other noteworthy data to brand the building. Jealousy as a motive should not be diminished! Read more


Microplastics - a growing environmental risk
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Studies indicate that the world’s seas may already be contaminated by more than 250 000 tonnes of plastic litter. Just over 10% of this plastic consists of small microplastic particles. Microplastics represent a global threat to ecosystems. This problem is hard to combat due to the huge numbers of different sources and pathways. Policy Brief: Read more

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Management of water balance in mining areas – WaterSmart

The primary objective was to exploit online water quantity and water quality measurements to better serve water balance management. The second objective was to develop and test mathematical models to calculate the water balance in mining operations. The third objective was to determine how monitoring and modelling tools can be integrated into the management system and process control. Read more

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