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The term microlitter normally refers to litter items less than 5 mm in diameter. © Photo: Julia Talvitie

Microlitter – a challenge for wastewater treatment plants

Press release May 15, 2018
Finnish Environment Institute Researcher and M.Sc. Julia Talvitie’s doctoral dissertation indicates that wastewater treatment plants function well overall for microlitter removal. The vast majority (approx. 99%) of microlitter of 20 micrometers is removed using the normal treatment methods currently in use. Read more



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Forerunner municipalities cut climate emissions by almost a third


Finnish municipalities in the pioneering Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku) network have achieved significant reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions, averaging 29% over the period 2007-2015. The Hinku municipalities have widely utilised SYKE’s expertise to identify and model favourable practices and create new innovations.

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Policy Brief Curbing black carbon emissions

Curbing black carbon emissions slows warming in the Arctic

Reducing emissions of black carbon can help to mitigate climate change globally, but particularly in arctic regions. Read more

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The state of the environment in Finland 2017

Picture Marianna Korpi/SYKE

The state of the environment in Finland 2017 - the fourth info package is looking at the curbing black carbon emissions.

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