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Researcher Sanna Majaneva also travelled to Spitsbergen to dive in the sea so as to collect samples of comb jellyfish. Photo: Peter Leopold.

PhD thesis on the little-known Arctic comb jelly found in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic

Press Release by SYKE 10.4.2014
One of the world's oldest animal species, the comb jellies – which have inhabited the seas for millions of years – have kept their secrets up to the present day. In her PhD thesis, which she is due to defend on 11 April, researcher Sanna Majaneva has studied the life of the Arctic ctenophore Mertensia ovum, or the Arctic comb jelly, which is found in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic. Read more.

The state of the environment indicators now online

Ympäristön tilan indikaattorit, noston kuvaThe indicators on the Finnish environment can now be found at The indicators cover eight different themes and are used to show the state of the Finnish environment, to reveal trends and to evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken.  You can find both nationwide as well as regional information on the indicator pages. The information is updated regularly. Read more


Johanna Korhonen, SYKEn tekijä -haastattelu huhtikuussa 2014
Johanna Korhonen is gone with the water 2014-04-16
“My name is Johanna Korhonen, and my main task is leading and developing hydrological monitoring at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). I am personally in charge of monitoring water temperatures and the thickness of ice cover, reporting on the hydrological situation, and maintaining the hydrological information service."
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Nature journal cover

Pirkko Kortelainen, a researcher at SYKE, has been involved in the first worldwide charting of the carbon dioxide flux of inland waters. The results have now been published in the highly regarded scientific journal, Nature. Read more

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blue green algae"Systems ecological perspectives to sustainability” International Conference 24-30 September

The first Systems ecological perspectives to sustainability conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland 24-30 September 2014. The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists and other thinkers interested in systems ecology and sustainability. Satellite image ESA. Read more