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Algal bloom monitoring August 28, 2014: Cyanobacterial blooms have increased in lakes but not in the Finnish Sea areas

In lakes there have been more abundant cyanobacterial blooms than last week due to mixing of surface water layer to deeper water layers and windy weather bringing nutrients to cyanobacteria. Large cyanobacterial blooms have not been observed in the Finnish open sea areas any more, but in the coastal areas there are still some observations. Photo: Algae situation in late July / The Finnish Border Guard. Read more

Nature is conserved for its owns sake – and for all of us

In a study published in the July issue of Ecological Economics, SYKE researchers found that those forest owners who regarded moral and social norms important, had not contracted for a conservation payment. In other words, the economic reward did not have a central role in forest owners’ conservation decisions. Read more


Sirpa Lehtinen
Researcher Sirpa Lehtinen knows her algae 2014-07-01
Researcher Sirpa Lehtinen is the person in charge of algae monitoring in the Baltic Sea at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). “My tasks also include research, algal sample analysis and communications regarding algae,” Lehtinen details. During the summer, the results of her work can be seen in weekly algal bloom reports.
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Image: Anna Repo/SYKEResearchers from SYKE have been involved in the study concerning forest residue's share of EU's climate emission reductions. The study, published in Global Change Biology Bioenergy journal, shows that there is a gap between the emission reductions and the EU requirements. Read more

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blue green algae"Systems ecological perspectives to sustainability” International Conference 24-30 September

The first Systems ecological perspectives to sustainability conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland 24-30 September 2014. The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists and other thinkers interested in systems ecology and sustainability. Satellite image ESA. Read more