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Urban environment
Picture: Anna Strandell / SYKE

Finns value urban living

Press release, June 20, 2017
According to the latest “Asukasbarometri” (Residents’ barometer) survey, more and more Finns want to live in an urban environment. Urbanisation is also seen in changes in life style such as the increased popularity of cafés and an increase in cycling. Read more

Photo: Salla Rantala

Smallholder forest producers in a changing climate

Smallholder forest producers are playing an important role in mitigating climate change, both through innovative practical action and political efforts via their producer organizations. New study shows how smallholders and their organizations contribute, building on their particular strengths. Read more


Kristian Meissner

Kristian Meissner: Computers and genetics beat humans at their game – a revolution in traditional taxonomy

Traditional taxonomy is expert work and comes at a relatively high price. Fortunately, we are witnessing breakthroughs in two technical domains that can solve the problem. Machine vision will soon provide identification matching that of human experts at a negligible cost and in almost real-time, claims Kristian Meissner on his blog.

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Policy Brief
Managing chemicals and material cycles

In a sustainable circular economy we must also manage substances that give desirable qualities to products, but which may cause problems when products are reused or recycled. Policy Brief: Read more

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The state of the environment in Finland 2017

The state of the environment in Finland 2017 - the second information package is looking at the circular economy.