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Circular economy

Swan Ecolabel to promote circular economy

Press release, September 21, 2017
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel could be further developed with the aim of promoting a circular economy by setting criteria for recycled products and environmentally friendly sharing economy services. Requirements could also be set for products with respect to upgradability, multi-functionality, and modularity. Read more


Kira Smiley

Kira Smiley: Experiential knowledge paired with trustworthy information necessary for local legitimacy of wind power

Environmental topics such as the impact of windmills on white-tailed eagles in the Finnish Archipelago are often controversial, with conflicting information and perspectives. According to a new case study, experiences and trustworthiness play a significant role in the formation of these viewpoints, writes Kira Smiley.

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Policy Brief

Promoting health through interaction with nature in urban areas

Contact with nature improves our health and well-being. Purposeful planning can make it easier to achieve the benefits we can gain from natural areas in our towns and cities. Read more

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The state of the environment in Finland 2017

Ympäristön tila noston kuva

The state of the environment in Finland 2017 - the third info package is looking at the urban nature.