Mikael Hildén and Kirsi Mäkinen

Mikael Hildén, Kirsi Mäkinen: Finding the path for Myanmar’s environmental governance

As a country of great riches in natural resources and rapid economic growth Myanmar faces numerous environmental challenges. SYKE with partners studied how Myanmar´s environmental governance should be strengthened. The study, with a roadmap for actions, was published in February. Mikael Hildén and Kirsi Mäkinen are optimistic about the possibilities to strengthen sustainability, but this will require practical work rather than grand strategies. Read more

Policy brief on climate change adaptation


The EU research project BASE has produced ten recommendations for improving the practical implementation of the three overarching objectives of the EU Adaptation Strategy. The overall message of the recommendations is that we need a change in adaptation practice, supported by coherent and integrated policies to take preparedness for current and future climate impacts to the next level. Read more

IPCC group for data and scenario support meets at SYKE

A task group of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) holds its 24th meeting at SYKE on July 2016. Read more


Forest carbon sinks must be included in bioeconomy sustainability assessments


Forest carbon sinks reduce the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content. The utilisation of wood and forests inevitably affects carbon sinks, which is an issue that must be considered when seeking cost-effective means for mitigating climate change. Increasing carbon sinks is important for achieving the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Policy Brief: Read more

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Anke Kremp
The surprising elements of nature inspire this researcher of algae 2016-04-26
My name is Anke Kremp and I work as a researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute. My work focuses on phytoplankton ecology and evolutionary research. Phytoplankton is the foundation of the food web in water systems, which is why it is important to understand the workings of this diverse group of organisms.
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State-of-the Art Study in Citizen Observatories: Technological Trends, Development Challenges and Research Avenues


Citizen science has rapidly spread in the last decades around the world. This study provides the first comprehensive insight of the broad scale of contemporary ICT enabled citizen observatories in social and environmental dimensions. Read more

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