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  • Assessment of threatened habitat types in Finland 2018: The status of natural habitats continues to deteriorate 2018-12-18
    The threat status of habitat types in Finland was evaluated for the second time. Almost half (48%) of the nearly 400 habitat types across the country were assessed to be threatened. In southern Finland, the proportion of threatened habitats is clearly higher (59%) than in northern Finland (32%). The status of habitat types has not improved during the past decade; instead, the trend among many habitat types is assessed to be declining. However, it is possible to improve the status of habitats.
  • Low exposure of people to microplastics through drinking water 2018-11-16
    According to a preliminary study, Finnish household water contains only small amounts of microplastics. Water treatment processes effectively remove particles from the raw water that is used in the production of household water, according to a study by the Finnish Environment Institute, the National Institute for Health and Welfare and the Finnish Water Utilities Association.
  • The headquarters of the Finnish Environment Institute is moving to the Viikki campus 2018-11-09
    The headquarters of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is moving on 19th November 2018 from the Töölö borough of Helsinki to the University of Helsinki’s Viikki campus (street address: Latokartanonkaari 11). SYKE’s new base at Viikki is a truly modern working environment, where care and attention has been paid to environmentally sustainable solutions.
  • For the first time, a smart buoy with an oil sensor is delivering data via satellite in open sea conditions in the Baltic Sea 2018-11-09
    In October a smart navigation buoy system started to deliver real-time measurement data via satellite, monitoring oil and some other water quality parameters in the Baltic Sea’s water. It is located south of Helsinki in the Gulf of Finland. The monitoring data gives later great advantages to the oil spill response actions of authorities and it eases revealing illegal oil discharges. The system is part of SYKE’s GRACE project cooperation and it is made by Meritaito Ltd. The data is freely availab
  • Finnish ceramic artists visualise land contamination in Venice research pavilion 2018-10-25
    Working with Soil, an artistic research project at Aalto University's Department of Design, has been selected as one of the projects for Research Pavilion #3 in Venice. The University of the Arts Helsinki together with its international partners will create a research pavilion in connection with the Venice Biennale between May and August 2019.
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