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  • HINKU municipalities reduce climate emissions by nearly a third in eight years 2017-03-29
    Emissions from municipalities in the Carbon Neutral Municipalities (HINKU) network declined by an average 29 percent in 2007 - 2015. The greatest decreases in emissions were in the municipality of Ii (50%), Kitee and Lieksa (36%) as well as Lohja and Rauma (35%). In other HINKU municipalities the average reduction in emissions was 23 percent.
  • Real-time monitoring of oil compounds installed in Tallinn-Stockholm ferry 2017-03-24
    The EU-funded project GRACE has launched a system for real-time monitoring of oil compounds in open seawater. This kind of technology could have a great potential onboard on many types of vessels that operate eg. in the Arctic such as fuel transportation and other supply vessels.
  • Microplastics – a risk to inland and marine waters in Finland 2017-03-21
    The state of Finland’s inland and marine waters has generally improved significantly over recent decades, thanks to effective water protection measures. But our waters are still under threat due to factors including microplastics, climate change, pollution loads from farms and hazardous substances. Microplastic particles originate from sources including our homes and roads.
  • Number of oil discharges observed at sea have remained nearly unchanged 2017-03-15
    In 2016, the number of suspected illegal discharges of oil reported to Finnish authorities remained almost unchanged compared to the previous year. Eventually, 48 of the discharges were confirmed to be oil, whereas the corresponding number in 2015 was 47.
  • SYKE helped to develop hydrological services in the Andes 2017-03-14
    Finnish experts helped countries in the Andes region to develop their water, climate and weather services. Over the course of the multi-year project, progress was made in cooperation between the countries and in their authorities’ preparedness for issuing warnings on natural risks and damage.
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