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  • More versatile use sought for the Aranda after refitting 2018-06-13
    The extensive refitting of research vessel Aranda will be completed this summer. The Aranda has been refitted into a modern marine research vessel and the objective is to expand Aranda’s national and international use. For this purpose, the Finnish Environment Institute made the decision in May to make an effort to look for ways in which to use the vessel in a more versatile manner. This will help ensure the Aranda’s effective and active research use in the Baltic Sea and possibly in the Arctic
  • The risk of significant blue-green algae blooms in summer 2018 is lower than earlier years in Finnish marine areas 2018-06-07
    The risk of widespread blue-green algae blooms in Finnish sea areas is less than during the last two years, because the algae have less nutrients available in comparison to previous years. However, significant algae blooms may form in the Gulf of Finland if the summer is warm. A warm May could cause blooms to occur earlier than normal this year.
  • A future the planet can accommodate requires policy change in Finland as well 2018-05-30
    The United Nations Agenda 2030 puts binding goals on countries for the promotion of sustainable well-being. However, research indicates that Finland cannot achieve these goals because our ecological sustainability deficit is so great. The change can be achieved only through policy that reduces the consumption of natural resources, secures biodiversity, and sets stricter emission targets.
  • Microlitter – a challenge for wastewater treatment plants 2018-05-15
    M.Sc. Julia Talvitie’s doctoral dissertation indicates that wastewater treatment plants function well for microlitter removal, but the environmental burden caused by microlitter could still be reduced using new technologies. The doctoral work also examined the levels of microlitter found in waterways that receive the wastewater and textile fibres were found in Baltic Sea mussels.
  • The Baltic Sea as a Time Machine 2018-05-10
    In the international journal Science Advances, an international team of researchers led by the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel promotes the Baltic Sea as a time machine for coastal areas worldwide. The research team included also recearchers from the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi, University of Helsinki and Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.
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