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  • Climate models predict changes to flows and biota of northern rivers 2018-03-20
    The habitats of species in Finland's rivers will move northward as climate change causes temperatures to rise. In addition, seasonal fluctuation in the flow of rivers will become more irregular than it is now. Small headwater streams will experience greater changes in species than larger rivers, according to a study by the Finnish Environment Institute and the University of Oulu.
  • The number of oil discharges observed at sea has further decreased 2018-03-07
    Fewer illegal oil discharges in sea areas were reported to the Finnish authorities in 2017 than in the previous year. There were 44 oil discharges in 2017, compared to 48 in 2016.
  • Burning of floating and stranded oil have been successfully tested in Greenland 2018-03-06
    Burning of floating and stranded oil was successfully tested last summer in Greenland by Aarhus University, Greenland Oil Spill Response A/S, Lamor Corporation Ab and DESMI A/S. The experiments included two novelties: the coastal in-situ burning and the collection of burnt residues from water. The pilot scale experiments and other results of the GRACE project coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute are presented in the international seminar on 7–8 March.
  • International Arctic oil spill response exercise and seminar will be arranged in Oulu 7-8 March 2018-03-01
    International Arctic oil recovery exercise will be held 7 March at the Bay of Bothnia off the coast of Oulu City in Northern Finland. All interested are welcome to follow the exercise in real time video streaming in the internet. The exercise will involve an aircraft of the Finnish Border Guard, as well as several vessels equipped with mechanical brush skimmers. Parallel to the exercise is an international conference which focuses on pollution response aspects in the Arctic
  • Two new nature conservation areas to Russia near the Finnish border 2018-01-15
    At the end of the Year of the Environment 2017 Russia decided to establish a new National Park in the Lake Ladoga archipelago and a new Nature Park on the islands of the Eastern Gulf of Finland and the surrounding waters. Both of these conservation areas have a counterpart on the Finnish side of the border.
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