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Open web services

A web service is a technical interface that allows the users to connect to the information on SYKE's server and get the data they need access to. The web service requires an application to support the use of the services (e.g. the WMS, Esri REST, OData), which can be either a GIS software or a browser application.

SYKE applies Creative Commons By 4.0 International license for open datasets and web services.

Spatial data interfaces

INSPIRE view and download services

The INSPIRE Directive (2007/2 / EC) and the Spatial Information Infrastructure Act (421/2009) and Decree (725/2009) define standards for data sets and services. INSPIRE view services are intended for use in applications supporting the WMS (Web Map Service) standard

Service State

Catchment areas and river network


Nature protected areas and Natura 2000 areas


Lake and river depth profiles


Groundwater areas


Corine Land Cover datasets


Image mosaics


Water bodies according to water framework directive (the second reporting cycle) and river basin districts


EU bathing water directive waters and traffic and waterway restriction areas


Forest vegetation zones and mire vegetation zones


Flood hazard areas and flood risk zones


Hydrological observations, water basin district surface water quality observations 2010 and water basin district groundwater quality observations 2010


Animal and plant species distribution 2013


Bird species distribution 2013


Habitats distribution 2013


WFS-service for INSPIRE data products (beta version). Includes INSPIRE Annex I Protected Sites theme compliant Natura 2000 areas and Nationally Designated Nature Protected Areas and Wilderness Reserves, and Hydrography theme compliant River network

Atom feed

SYKE’s INSPIRE download services are implemented as an Atom feeds, according to Technical Guidance for INSPIRE Download Services 3.1. Data reported by SYKE to the INSPIRE Directive I; II and III annexes are available for download. They are mainly in ‘as is’ national structure in Esri shapefile and TIFF formats. However, the dataset reported to the Protected Sites theme, is also available in a separate Atom feed in GML format, according to the Protected Sites application schema.

Technical remark: The GML data is has been encoded as a wfs:featureCollection with EU INSPIRE ProtectedSite 4.0 features as collection members (XML Schema When using the URI-type srsName "" the coordinates seem to be interpreted (by GDAL) in order (easting, northing), while the official axis order (according to the EPSG-registry) is (northing, easting). The situation can be solved by changing the coordinate system identifier manually to URN format "urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::3035. More information in GDAL ticket 6678.

Other view services

SYKE spatial data sets have been published also as other view services than those according to the INSPIRE directive. Other view services are mainly Esri REST APIs (REST = Representational State Transfer).

All view services starting with “” are available as Esri REST type services, some of them also as WMS services.

General view services of SYKE
Built environment (Liiteri)

Flood hazard areas and flood risk zones
Soil extraction permissions
Underwater Marine Environment (VELMU)

Open interfaces for environmental data

SYKE provides open interfaces to public environmental data such as water quality, hydrology, algal bloom etc.  REST (REST = REpresentational State Transfer) data service can be used to retrieve data by making OData requests. To learn more about the Open Data protocol, please check


API version                   [Version 1.0 updated 15.12.2015]
OData Query Builder


API version                    [Version 1.0 updated 15.12.2015]
OData Query Builder


API version                    [Version 1.0 updated 15.12.2015]
OData Query Builder

Seawater quality in BED (BNI) format

API version                   [Version 1.0 updated 15.12.2015]

Water quality of surface waters

API version                   [Version 2.0 updated 6.9.2016]
OData Query Builder


API version                  [Version 1.0 updated 17.2.2016]
OData Query Builder


RSS feed provides release notes related to OData interfaces (in Finnish)

Satellite observations

Data analyzed from satellite images is delivered in html format, png and jpg-files, and as WAF service GeoTIFF files, and some are available through the Esri REST API (REST = Representational State Transfer).

Satellite observations as images

Satellite observations

Snow covered area

Discovery service

SYKE's metadata portal offers metadata descriptions of GIS and remote sensing data and information systems.  in the environmental management.The metadata portal was/has been implemented using Esri GeoPortal Server product (v. 1.2). Discovery service supports OGC CSW interface standard according to version 2.0.2. Customized guidance for metadata from the CSW interface is available by setting the parameter outputSchema = http: // All metadata do not follow precisely the INSPIRE Technical Guidance on metadata.

CSW interface table of contents

Query example: Inspire compatible metadata for a single dataset{[ID]}&outputSchema=

[ID] is the unique identifier in the service (e.g. D54C552F-F7F7-489B-8B1EE093D93C7386)

Query example: Inspire compatible meta-data for the selected 10 datasets
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