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Baltic Sea online information will be rearranged

Communications related to the Baltic Sea will be renewed at the beginning of 2015. The content of the Baltic Sea Portal that is maintained in cooperation between the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Meteorological Institute will be integrated into the other online content of the parties. The current Baltic Sea Portal will be closed at the end of 2014. Image: Ilkka Lastumäki

Seasonal Greetings 2014


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The Fascinating Beauty of Bracket Fungi 2014-12-08
"My name is Heikki Kotiranta. I work as a specialist researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute, specialising in bracket fungi, i.e. polypores and corticioids in the order of aphyllophorales, which were also the subject of my doctoral thesis in 2004. I gather data about different species of fungi, their distribution and threat status. A comprehensive assessment of threatened species in Finland is carried out every ten years."
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EEA: National adaptation policy processes in European countries

EEA_climate_adaptation_publication_125pxAdapting to climate change has reached the political agenda in most European countries, according to the most comprehensive analysis of adaptation in Europe published to date. SYKE took part in preparing the report. Read more

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