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Maahanmuuttajia ihailemassa Kolin järvimaisemaa
Immigrants familiarize with landscapes of National Park Koli, Finland. © Aleksandra Riki

Nature as a solution for immigrant integration in Nordic countries

Press release, August 20, 2018:
Immigration to the Nordic region has increased fast during recent decades. Large portion of the newcomers are asylum seekers. These developments promote the need for revisiting and developing new approaches for the successful immigrant integration. According to a Nordic team of researchers, nature-based integration can offer a new perspective to meet these challenges. More




Success stories

International cooperation improves state of the Gulf of Finland 

© Ilkka Lastumäki /

Cooperation involving Finland, Estonia, and Russia has improved the state of the Gulf of Finland. SYKE's scientific understanding of eutrophication and its skills in fighting it have played a significant role in the cooperation.


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A future the planet can accommodate
Respecting the limits of the earth is prerequisite for the well-being of humanity. Read more

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The state of the environment in Finland


The state of the environment in Finland - the fourth info package is looking at the climate change and curbing black carbon emissions. State of the environment in Finland -report is looking at how Finland fights climate change.


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