UFZ Brazil rainforests 556px. Photo: Mateus de Dantas de Paula

PEER Newsletter: Due to landscape fragmentation, Brazil's rainforests are releasing more carbon dioxide than previously thought

Because of the deforestation of tropical rainforests in Brazil, significantly more carbon has been lost than was previously assumed. This is the result of the scientists of the German Environmental Research Centre UFZ. Information on the research can be found in the newest release of PEER newletter. PEER is the network of European environmental research institutes, and SYKE is one of its members. Photo: Mateus de Dantas de Paula Read more


Sirpa Lehtinen
Researcher Sirpa Lehtinen knows her algae 2014-07-01
Researcher Sirpa Lehtinen is the person in charge of algae monitoring in the Baltic Sea at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). “My tasks also include research, algal sample analysis and communications regarding algae,” Lehtinen details. During the summer, the results of her work can be seen in weekly algal bloom reports.
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New project

COST-Innovations in climate governance

INOGOV-logo 125pxInternational INOGOV project will create a new network of scholars and practitioners that focus on the sources of policy innovation, those that know about their diffusion (patterns), and those who are able to evaluate their ultimate effects. Read more