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Blue-green algae satellite observation from the Gulf of Finland. Contains modified Copernicus data, SYKE (2020). See more at the TARKKA web map application.

Cyanobacteria occurrences have increased both in lakes and sea areas

Algal bloom monitoring July 16, 2020
In both sea areas and lakes cyanobacteria has been observed more than during last week. Although, when comparing this week to the previous summers’ same period of times, the cyanobacteria occurrences have been reported less than usual. The cyanobacteria blooms are typically at their strongest in late July and early August. Abundant or very abundant amounts of cyanobacteria have been observed only at three official observation posts on lakes. Only at four official observation posts abundant amount of cyanobacteria have been observed on the coastal and archipelago areas.

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Eeva Furman: The unbearable slowness of sustainability

Open science and collaboration have played an important role when combatting the Covid-19. A vaccine would be a major advancement in research, but from the perspective of sustainable development, other issues need to be tackled as well. This calls upon interdisciplinary research and sustainability science, writes Eeva Furman in her Ratkaisuja blog. 

EU query of state of waters

Give your opinion on improving the status of waterways!
You can influence EU policy by telling us what you think needs to be done to improve the status of the Baltic sea, coastal waters and of rivers and lakes.



25 years of working for a more sustainable environment and society
SYKE celebrates 25th anniversary. Our diverse research and expert organisation offers information and multidisciplinary expertise vital to decision-making. Together with our partners, we solve burning questions in society and build a more sustainable future.



  • EEEN2020: European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum 2020-11-04 at 9:00
    The European Environmental Evaluators Network (EEEN) Forum will be organised in Helsinki, Finland on 4-5 November, 2020.The programme will focus on scientific and practical evaluation knowledge on the implementation of SDGs and policymaking.
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Ecological compenstions are worth taking into use  
In ecological compensation local damage caused by construction or industry is offset by improving biodiversity elsewhere.
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