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Tutkijat Hurskainen, Selonen ja Koponen.
Sampsa Koponen, Pekka Hurskainen and Salla Selonen. © Luukas Myller, Riku Lumiaro, Timo Vänni.

Ecosystem accounting, microplastics and cyanobacterial observation to be studied in new EU funded projects

News April 15 2021
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE is starting more than ten new EU projects this year. The projects tackle a wide range of questions, including ecosystem accounting, microplastics in agricultural land and cyanobacteria monitoring using satellite observation. The projects represent well SYKE’s versatile research into a wide range of environmental issues

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Eeva Primmer and Eeva Furman: What is the role of knowledge and knowledge producers in sustainability transition?

Sustainability transition requires addressing wicked complex bundles of problems and new unforeseen risks. Sustainability transition redistributes benefits and impacts - and forces us to give up our old ways of doing. This is why we need a transition also in the way we conduct and deliberate research l, write eeva Primmer and Eeva Furman in their Ratkaisuja blog.

Successes of Finland's waste management

High-quality waste management solutions are prerequisite for preserving a safe and clean living environment. The video represents successes of Finland's waste management.




SYKE Policy Brief: Environmental impact needs to be considered in nutrition recommendations
Increasing the proportion of vegetables, legumes, and fish in the diet helps ease climate change, eutrophication of the Baltic Sea and inland waters, and the decline of biodiversity.
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