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Large EU project starts: BIONEXT wants to mainstream biodiversity into policy-making

BIONEXT project group of SYKE

News 2022-09-23
A new large EU project coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE The Biodiversity Nexus - Triggering transformative change for sustainability (BIONEXT) is launching this Autumn. The project got a funding of EUR 4.1 million from the EU's research and innovation program Horizon Europe. Duration of the project is four years. Ten partners from eight European countries form the consortium. BIONEXT will develop knowledge, tools, and guidance for mainstreaming biodiversity into policy-making and provide concrete options on how to initiate, accelerate and upscale biodiversity relevant transformative change in society.


New study published on the interactions of microplastics and chemicals on soil arthropods

© Riku Lumiaro

News 2022-09-22 
A new study on the interactions of microplastics and chemicals on soil arthropods reveals that the effects are dependent on the type of microplastic and the exposed arthropod species. The microplastics studied were polyester fibers and tire particles.

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Eeva Primmer and Mikael Hildén: Forest management and sustainability need European level collaboration

SYKE’s Professors Eeva Primmer and Mikael Hildén consider Finland’s role in the EU Forest Strategy in their Ratkaisuja blog: Has Finland taken leadership, or has the lobbying resulted in fragmentation?

Responsibility report

Aiming for a sustainability transformation and emissions reductions

The Finnish Environment Institute has published its first responsibility report on the impact of its operations on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in 2021.

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Share your solutions in Sustainability Leap! 

Check out this database, share your own solutions and help push Finland to the top in mitigating climate change, building a circular economy and protecting our biodiversity.

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LCA - Life Cycle Assessment supports Sustainability Transformations

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an established method to simultaneously quantify multiple environmental impacts arising from the whole value chain including all processes related to the life cycle of a product or a service. SYKE conducts LCA research to provide knowledge supporting decision-making towards a sustainability transformation.

SYKE international services

Projects of International Expert Services

SYKE's experts participate in a wide range of international projects which help build the administrative and management capacities of environmental authorities in developing countries and elsewhere. 

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