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Climate models predict changes to flows and biota of northern rivers

Finnish Environment Institute and University of Oulu press release  March 20, 2018
The habitats of species in Finland's rivers will move northward as climate change causes temperatures to rise. In addition, seasonal fluctuation in the flow of rivers will become more irregular than it is now. Small headwater streams will experience greater changes in species than larger rivers, according to a study by the Finnish Environment Institute and the University of Oulu. Read more 



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Promoting sustainability in urban growth 


Together with urban planners SYKE has drafted a future analysis and mapped out a decision-making path towards 2030 for 14 urban areas, aiming to help planners create cities that are more structurally compact and thereby more effective in ecological and economic terms. 

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Policy Brief Curbing black carbon emissions

Curbing black carbon emissions slows warming in the Arctic

Reducing emissions of black carbon can help to mitigate climate change globally, but particularly in arctic regions. Read more

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The state of the environment in Finland 2017

Picture Marianna Korpi/SYKE

The state of the environment in Finland 2017 - the fourth info package is looking at the curbing black carbon emissions.

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