Mikael Hildén and Kirsi Mäkinen

Mikael Hildén, Kirsi Mäkinen: Finding the path for Myanmar’s environmental governance

As a country of great riches in natural resources and rapid economic growth Myanmar faces numerous environmental challenges. SYKE with partners studied how Myanmar´s environmental governance should be strengthened. The study, with a roadmap for actions, was published in February. Mikael Hildén and Kirsi Mäkinen are optimistic about the possibilities to strengthen sustainability, but this will require practical work rather than grand strategies. Read more

Invasive species

A correspondence on invasive species was published in Nature

A correspondence on invasive species was just published in the high level scientific journal, Nature. In this Letter led by a senior scientist Maiju Lehtiniemi from SYKE’s Marine Research Centre the researchers wish that the EU Regulation would concentrate on potential invasive species. Read more

SYKE introduced a report on sustainable forest management to ENVI Committee

The European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) delegation visited the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, where a new report on sustainable forest management was introduced. Read more


Paris and beyond: Essential recommendations

The policy brief focuses on the options to enhance climate change mitigation in the UNFCCC framework in the post 2020 era. Policy Brief: Read more

Towards better environmental regulation

Streamlining and removing outdated and unnecessary regulation is important. However, improving regulation is more than mere deregulation; it should serve ambitious targets, emphasize researchers from SYKE. Policy Brief: Read more

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Anke Kremp
The surprising elements of nature inspire this researcher of algae 2016-04-26
My name is Anke Kremp and I work as a researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute. My work focuses on phytoplankton ecology and evolutionary research. Phytoplankton is the foundation of the food web in water systems, which is why it is important to understand the workings of this diverse group of organisms.
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Towards A Sustainable and Genuinely Green Economy. The value and social significance of ecosystem services in Finland (TEEB for Finland)

Publication SY 1 en 2015 cover.jpgThis report presents the results from the research project National Assessment of the Economics of Ecosystem Services in Finland (TEEB Finland). This pioneering project aimed to initiate a systematic national process for the integration of ecosystem services and related biodiversity (i.e. natural capital) into all levels of decision-making. Read more

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