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New phase of urbanisation within metropolitan areas — Helsinki lagging behind Stockholm

A recent study on the metropolitan areas of Helsinki and Stockholm indicates that the urban form in the two regions has developed partially in different directions during the past 20 years. Stockholm ...

Second homes already outnumber permanent homes in one in five municipalities

Finnish second home tourism no longer consists solely of holidaying at a modest summer cottage. Instead, Finns are increasingly spending time at second homes equipped for year round living.

Algal forecast: considerable risk of blue-green algal blooms in some of Finland's sea areas

According to the algal forecast from SYKE’s Marine Research Centre, the risk of blue-green algal blooms is considerable in the entire western Gulf of Finland, the southern areas of the Finnish Archipe...

Global warming causes significant changes on the Baltic Sea region

The climate change has already altered the characteristics of the Baltic Sea region, reveals a recent international study. In the continuation the global warming will increasingly affect e.g. ice cove...

R/V Aranda avoided a Russian submarine yesterday

At the request of the Russian Navy, SYKE's research vessel R/V Aranda yesterday avoided a Russian submarine operating in international waters east of Gotland. The encounter lasted for approximately 2....

Be enchanted by northern nature in a photography exhibition, introducing the unique nature of the Barents Region!

A photography exhibition featuring Barents Region’s nature opens today in Oulu. The exhibition is part of international cooperation on nature conservation in the Barents Region.

Research Vessel Aranda switching over to biofuel – heating already carried out using bio-oil made from recycled raw materials

The marine research vessel Aranda's carbon load will be significantly reduced when she starts being fuelled with domestic bio-oil made from food industry by-products, such as used vegetable oils and f...

Oil recovery exercise Kemi Arctic 2015 to test heavy equipment

The oil recovery exercise “Kemi Arctic 2015” that will be held on 25 March off the coast of Kemi will test mechanical oil recovery and remote sensing equipment in Arctic conditions. The exercise will ...

SYKE – building a sustainable society for two decades

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) began its operations 20 years ago in March 1995. In the same year, Finland joined the EU. “By virtue of Finland’s EU membership, SYKE was able to take part in ...

Aranda’s Baltic Sea monitoring cruise: major Baltic inflow advances in the southern part of the Baltic Sea – phosphorus content of the Gulf of Finland and Bothnian Sea higher than last winter

A special focus of Aranda’s monitoring cruise this year was monitoring the major Baltic inflow that occurred in the Baltic Sea around the turn of the year. So far, the inflow has travelled approximate...

Doctoral dissertation: Enhancing microbial activity contributes to the remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with pesticides

The addition of carbon, which is required as a nutrient by the microorganisms in soil and groundwater, was found to be the most promising remediation method in the remediation of soil and groundwater ...

Comprehensive overview of Gulf of Finland based on joint survey by Finland, Estonia and Russia

Finland, Estonia and Russia have conducted an exceptionally extensive survey of the Gulf of Finland, covering the entire sea area as part of the Gulf of Finland Year 2014.

Recognition of ecosystem services promotes their sustainable use and protection

The final report of the project ‘National Assessment of the Economics of Ecosystem Services in Finland’ (TEEB for Finland) was presented to the Minister of the Environment, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen. Accor...

1.25 million euro grant for the FINMARI consortium from the Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland has granted 1.25 million euros to the Finnish Marine Research Infrastructure consortium FINMARI, which is managed by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. The Academy has rece...

More oil spill observations on seas

In 2014, the amount of suspected oil spill observations reported to Finnish authorities grew by one third, compared to the previous year. Eventually, 68 of the spills were confirmed to be oil. Most of...

A cleaner Gulf of Finland would provide tens of millions of euros in recreational benefits annually

Improving the state of the Gulf of Finland would benefit the recreational use of coastal properties by over 50 million euros annually. The greatest benefits would come from the decrease of algal bloom...

New information on the environmental impacts of stump wood energy through 3D modelling

Tree stumps and root systems are a significant but controversial source of bioenergy in Finland due to their environmental impacts. Now Finnish and Norwegian researchers have developed a new method th...

IPCC: Climate change heading towards irreversible consequences; action needed from all sectors of society

According to Finnish experts, Finland meets lot of the requirements for adapting to and mitigating climate change in both cities and the countryside as well as in various sectors.

Extreme weather events raise awareness of adaptation needs

Adapting to climate change has reached the political agenda in most European countries, according to the most comprehensive analysis of adaptation in Europe published to date. Extreme weather events a...

The oxygen situation improved in the Baltic proper, the algae levels in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland are the lowest they have been in the 2000s

The oxygen situation of the southern and central parts of the Baltic proper have improved, but the oxygen situation on the deep open-sea floors of the Gulf of Finland have continued to deteriorate sin...


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