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Impacts of Baltic inflows on the Baltic Proper

Baltic inflows taken place in the last winter and this winter have improved the oxygen conditions in the near-bottom waters of the Baltic Proper. The area covered by fully anoxic near-bottom water has...

Number of threatened mammal species decreased in Finland

The number of threatened mammal species decreased by four compared to the previous evaluation. No species were found to be more threatened than before. Conversely, four species, namely the European be...

Number of threatened bird species increased in Finland

The number of threatened bird species increased by 28 species compared to the previous evaluation, while 21 new species were red-listed. Aquatic and wetland species in particular have become increasin...

New methods improve the quality of environmental impact assessments

New methods make it easier to recognise and systematically assess the most significant environmental impacts of various projects, and to illustrate the results. They also improve the participation pos...

Southern Finnish forest bird populations on the decline

Many of the bird species native to Finnish forests have declined in recent decades. According to a newly published study, the total number of nesting pairs in the southern Finnish managed forest area ...

The Gulf of Finland is slowly recovering

Algae levels and phosphorus load from land have decreased in the Gulf of Finland during the last ten years. However, the nutrients from Baltic Proper and the anoxic water near the bottom slow down the...

Sustainable growth in Gulf of Bothnia receives significant research funding

the SmartSea project has been awarded funding by the Academy of Finland. The project studies the potential of the sustainable use of the Gulf of Bothnia and involves altogether eight research institut...

Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve was established in South-Africa with Finland’s support

Finnish Environment Institute and the Central Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment have supported the establishment of a new Biosphere Reserve in North-West Province of S...

Major Baltic inflow was not enough to bring oxygen into all of the deep basins in the Baltic Sea main basin

The effects of the major Baltic inflow that reached the Baltic Sea in December 2014 are now reaching the mouth of the Gulf of Finland. However, the effects of the inflow have subsided, and it cannot c...

Cormorant population grew to 24,000 breeding pairs

© Heikki Kotiranta A total of approximately 24,000 cormorant nests were counted in Finland in summer 2015, an increase of 19% from the previous year. 75% of the numerical growth was focuse...

Environmental impacts of land use have been underestimated

© Vesa Kuusava Environmental impacts of land use have been widely assessed in recent years. In particular, carbon footprints of food and bioenergy production have been studied. Envir...

R/V Aranda to become the next generation marine research vessel

  The marine research vessel Aranda will be renovated to meet the needs of future marine research in the Baltic Sea. The renovation reduces the vessel’s operating costs, increases its e...

New phase of urbanisation within metropolitan areas — Helsinki lagging behind Stockholm

A recent study on the metropolitan areas of Helsinki and Stockholm indicates that the urban form in the two regions has developed partially in different directions during the past 20 years. Stockholm ...

Second homes already outnumber permanent homes in one in five municipalities

Finnish second home tourism no longer consists solely of holidaying at a modest summer cottage. Instead, Finns are increasingly spending time at second homes equipped for year round living.

Algal forecast: considerable risk of blue-green algal blooms in some of Finland's sea areas

According to the algal forecast from SYKE’s Marine Research Centre, the risk of blue-green algal blooms is considerable in the entire western Gulf of Finland, the southern areas of the Finnish Archipe...

Global warming causes significant changes on the Baltic Sea region

The climate change has already altered the characteristics of the Baltic Sea region, reveals a recent international study. In the continuation the global warming will increasingly affect e.g. ice cove...

R/V Aranda avoided a Russian submarine yesterday

At the request of the Russian Navy, SYKE's research vessel R/V Aranda yesterday avoided a Russian submarine operating in international waters east of Gotland. The encounter lasted for approximately 2....

Be enchanted by northern nature in a photography exhibition, introducing the unique nature of the Barents Region!

A photography exhibition featuring Barents Region’s nature opens today in Oulu. The exhibition is part of international cooperation on nature conservation in the Barents Region.

Research Vessel Aranda switching over to biofuel – heating already carried out using bio-oil made from recycled raw materials

The marine research vessel Aranda's carbon load will be significantly reduced when she starts being fuelled with domestic bio-oil made from food industry by-products, such as used vegetable oils and f...

Oil recovery exercise Kemi Arctic 2015 to test heavy equipment

The oil recovery exercise “Kemi Arctic 2015” that will be held on 25 March off the coast of Kemi will test mechanical oil recovery and remote sensing equipment in Arctic conditions. The exercise will ...


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