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Aino Rekola

Aino Rekola


   Environmental Policy Centre

    MSocSc (Social and Public Policy, Environmental Sciences)

    Email: firstname.surname (at)
    Tel. +358 2952 51871
    Finnish Environment Institute, Environmental Policy Centre
    Visiting address: Mechelininkatu 34a
    Postal address: P.O. Box 140, 00251 Helsinki, Finland
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Research and expertise

  • Environmental justice and fair planning processes

  • Environmental and social sustainability

  • Ecosystem service governance

  • Nature based solutions 

  • Strategic environmental policy development

  • Science-policy interaction, stakeholder engagement and knowledge co-creation

  • Coordination of networks and workshop facilitation


I am a researcher and expert on environmental policy and an enthusiast in science-policy interaction and good communication. 

I have been working at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) since 2015. Previously, I have been working in several ministries in Finland in support for climate, biodiversity and natural resource policy preparation and decision making. I have also experience in international cooperation on biodiversity conservation especially with Russia. 

My scientific background is in both social and environmental sciences. Questions of social sustainability, environmental justice and development of better and fairer planning processes aiming for sustainable solutions are my major research interest. I am interested in multidisciplinary dialogue aiming for more holistic approach and solutions seeking to answer to multiple objectives. 

Current work

My current research is focused on environmental justice and fair land-use planning processes within the ecosystem service governance. I am involved in the BRO project (Better Processes and Outcomes - Improving Knowledge Exchange in regional level governance of biodiversity and ecosystem services) which aims to integration of the perspectives of environmental justice, biodiversity and ecosystem services into regional land-use planning by applying and refining methods and practices for knowledge exchange between planners, researchers and citizens.

Currently, I am also involved in other projects including the AAMU project (Changing Roles in Land Use Planning), which assesses the impacts of the regional governance reform for the land use planning and for the roles of actors in the sector. 


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