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Johanna Niemistö

Senior Research Scientist

Johanna Niemistö

Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production

Tel.  +358 295 251 836
Skype: johanna.syke

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
P.O. Box 111

FIN-80100 Joensuu

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Present role

I am a researcher in the group of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources belonging in the Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production. At present, my main research tasks include project management and research work in an European Regional Development Fund project “Framework for developing companies’ environmental life-cycle impacts".


I am a D.Sc.(Tech.) in environmental engineering. I have been working at SYKE since 2015. Before that I was a doctoral student and post-doctoral researcher at University of Oulu. My research backgroung is in process and environmental engineering, especially in bioenergy and biofuel production and separation processes.

Current research interests

  • Industrial process and environmental engineering
  • Production of bioenergy and biochemicals
  • Sustainability assessment of production processes (life cycle assessment)

Research activities

Framework for developing companies’ environmental life-cycle impacts 2015–2017


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