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Maritime Spatial Planning for Sustainable Blue Economies (PLAN4BLUE)

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Basic project information


Plan4Blue met with Estonian and Finnish maritime spatial planning authorities in November 2017. Findings and presentations of this meeting are now available here.

Workshop 2: Blue Economy Scenarios for Maritime Spatial Planning
23rd–24th of January, 2018, Tallinn
See the full program and other workshop updates here.

Several new publications available!

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The project supports the growth of the marine and maritime sectors in a way that emphasizes the need to find a balance between economic, social and environmental goals.

Plan4Blue brings together the key blue growth and maritime spatial planning actors from Estonia and Finland to identify pathways to the sustainable use of the sea areas and resources. The project activities focus on Estonian and Finnish sea areas in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea areas. Planning and management of these areas requires collaboration between various stakeholders and authorities in different countries, as many of the economic activities in the area and also their impacts cross borders. For this purpose, the project develops cross-border capacity in maritime spatial planning.



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More information:

Project coordinator Riku Varjopuro, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, phone +358 295 251 725,

In Estonian:
Mereruumi jätkusuutliku sinimajanduse planeerimine (PLAN4BLUE)

In Russian:
Обеспечение устойчивого «синего роста» с помощью морского пространственного планирования (PLAN4BLUE)

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