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Potential and Pitfalls of Alternative Approaches to Ecosystem Service Valuation (ValuES)

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© Photo: Aarno Torvinen/YHA kuvapankki

The ValuES project analyzes the potential of alternative valuation approaches in valuing ecosystem services in different management and decision making contexts. It will develop an integrated valuation framework that can account for multiple value dimensions of ecosystem services, and hence provide a richer understanding of the ways that ecosystems and their changes matter to people. The project will:

  1. Evaluate the ability of economic and non-economic valuation methods to account for ecosystem services in different policy contexts and at different scales (local, regional, national)
  2. Analyse the potential and problems of deliberative valuation in monetary and non-monetary valuation contexts and examine the factors that limit, or facilitate, value articulation through group deliberation
  3. Analyse the institutional conditions for operational application of the different value attribution methods and the outcomes of these analyses. How is ecosystem service values considered in real-world decision-making and how can valuation methods better relate to it?

The ValuES project analyses ecosystem services provided by mires and wetlands.  

The work is carried out by consortium with Finnish Environment Institute and Natural Research Institute Finland. The project will also work closely with OpenNESS-project.

Published 2015-10-05 at 10:17, updated 2015-10-16 at 12:48

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