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Bringing nature conservation into the construction industry

© Minna Pekkonen

New practices adopted within the construction industry have led to considerable improvements. Finland’s construction sector has now got a clearer picture of its impacts on nature, and is actively looking for new solutions to reduce harmful impacts. SYKE has helped Finnish construction businesses to work more sustainably, and results from trials have been promising with regard to the consequent conservation of biodiversity.

In co-operation

Construction companies

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Less noise from activities of shipping companies in the Baltic Sea

Grey seals
© Antti Below

Noise of human origin is expected to increase in marine areas.  Underwater noise can cause serious harm to sea mammals and fish, including disturbances in communication, changes in behaviour, and even physical damage.  SYKE and its partners did pioneering work by producing noise maps for the entire Baltic Sea area and a set of guidelines for measuring and controlling the level of noise. Instructions by SYKE and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi for abatement of ship noise have been implemented by all shipping companies in the Baltic Sea. Noise is also reduced through sea area planning, the assessment of projects for environmental impact, and measures for the protection of marine areas.

In co-operation

Trafi, shipping companies of the Baltic Sea, partners of BIAS project

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Fish farms in the Archipelago Sea are directed to the least sensitive sea areas

© Riku Lumiaro

SYKE surveyed the area impacted by the nutrients from a large fish farm located in the northern part of the Archipelago Sea. SYKE used modelling to study the movements and dilution of the nutrient load in the sea area. Thanks to this work fish farms and other large installations with emissions into the sea can be directed to less sensitive coastal areas already in the planning stages.

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Development of Archipelago Sea nutrient load model assembly and its implementation to coastal Gulf of Finland and Bothnian Sea

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