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Machine vision in environment monitoring (EnVision)

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The purpose of the project is to evaluate the suitability of the machine vision, using drones, to identify species in the production of environmental information in land, water and traffic areas. The project promotes cooperation between the Finnish Transport Agency, the ELY Centers and the companies and supports the development of the machine vision in Finland. The objective of the project is to facilitate the purchase of drone services and to ensure that the reliability of data is adequate.

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The project is part of the MONITOR 2020 program, which develops the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of monitoring by improving methodology, processes, networking, quality and use, distribution and exploitation.


Work is limited to identifying species using affordable and universally available technologies, such as drones with low cost videos or camera, to keep production costs reasonable and service delivery later.


  1. Mapping species using drones and smartmobile phones.
  2. Training, a machine vision program, to identify the selected species or objects and/or areas of them.
  3. Use authentication methods: segmentation, deep learning, and 3D modeling.
  4. Assess the functionality of the method.
  5. Report the results.
Published 2017-08-18 at 18:25, updated 2017-08-22 at 13:00