Promoting environmental well-being through research and development

To make our lifestyle more sustainable, we need dramatic changes in our consumption patterns and in the systems that ensure our energy and food supply, housing, and transportation, and that cater to our other basic needs. We need to adopt a lifestyle based on a small carbon footprint and efficient use of resources, in order to minimise the impact of our activities on ecosystems.

To bring about these changes, we must fully understand the challenges involved in climate change, what sufficiency of natural resources means, and the current decline in biodiversity, and we need to gain new insights into methods of addressing environmental problems. We need new initiatives, effective enforcement of decisions already made, and assessment of the impacts of existing action plans and changes in the state of the environment. Decisions and actions are needed at all levels, from local to global.

The activities of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) focus on six themes. Each theme involves research and development, support, consultancy and training work that require specialist skills and knowledge, gathering and processing of information on the state of the environment, and a variety of electronic services.

Focus on new information

SYKE’s researchers analyse and predict changes in the environment, and they explore various avenues to find solutions our society can apply to environmental problems. Inter-organisational and interdisciplinary research and competence provide means of addressing the most complex and challenging issues. SYKE is actively engaged in extensive international co-operation, with special emphasis on the EU research programmes.

The results of SYKE's research and development activities are evident in hundreds of publications.
Our research and development services can be made readily available when expertise is required for dealing with a specific current environmental problem, such as traffic- or mining-related environmental concerns.

Support in decision-making and implementation

SYKE's specialists offer professional support to administrative bodies, alongside a wide range of services to businesses, other organisations, and citizens. SYKE provides specialist input into the preparation of environmental policies at all levels: in negotiations on international conventions, at European Union level, in Finland’s government administration, and in regional and municipal organisations.

SYKE performs several specialist assignments associated with international conventions, action plans, and EU regulations, as agreed with the Ministry of the Environment or the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. We are the authority responsible for matters such as international waste shipments and international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna. As the national hydrological institute, SYKE is responsible also for predicting floods and for assisting local authorities in the prevention of flood damage.

As a national information centre, SYKE collects and provides information on the state of the environment in Finland. We are currently taking steps to improve our methods of collection, storage, and distribution of environmental data, along with the data’s availability. One of our objectives is to make more effective use of public information in private and public services.

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Per Mickwitz

Research Director
Per Mickwitz
Finnish Enviroment Institute SYKE

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Director of Expert Servicecs
Harri Juvonen
Finnish Enviroment Institute SYKE



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