Adapt-FIRST: Adapting to climate change risks in Finland: an Impact Response surface STudy

The Adapt-FIRST project seeks to develop a new risk framework for climate change adaptation at regional level in Finland. In close collaboration with expert and stakeholder partners, it advances methods of climate change impact and adaptation assessment by applying impact models across sectors within a standard analytical framework for representing three aspects of potential relevance for policy: (i) sensitivity: examining the sensitivity of the sectors to changing climate for readily observable indicators; (ii) urgency: estimating risks of approaching or exceeding key thresholds of impact under alternative scenarios as a basis for determining urgency of response; and (iii) response: determining the effectiveness of potential adaptation and mitigation responses. By working with observable indicators, the approach is also amenable to long-term monitoring as well as evaluation of the success of adaptation, where this too can be simulated.


Published 2020-08-18 at 16:40, updated 2021-02-19 at 17:55

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